Reddit Is Grossed Out By A Popeyes Customer's Meal Gone Wrong

When you're getting fast food, you're not expecting a five-star meal. No disrespect to the workers who put time in each day, but fast food, be it hamburgers, fried chicken, or pizza, is meant to be quick, easy, and greasy. It's a system that, in all fairness, has worked just fine for many years. You can enjoy a quick hamburger and fries, no problem, but it's not going to be the most high-quality food out there.

While it's generally palatable, some people have come across some disturbing things in their fast food. One man in Santa Maria, California, found that his warm and crispy McDonald's fries had an unexpected secret ingredient: a used, moist, chewy Band-Aid (via The Santa Maria Times). A young man enjoying an Arby's sandwich in 2012 discovered a slice of an employee's fingertip nestled in with the roast beef (via Business Insider). A woman in the United Kingdom found that her KFC chicken was indeed real, by way of finding a fully fried chicken head in her bucket of drumsticks (via The U.S. Sun). It seems that you sometimes get more than you pay for when you order out — in more ways than one.

One Popeyes customer learned this the hard way after biting into their fish sandwich.

The bread on the sandwich was full of mold

"Soooooo, this just happened OMG, mold in the bread and I took a bite before realizing. I went back and asked for my money back for the whole order."

This dramatic exclamation belongs to Reddit user u/misterprat, who had just discovered the bread of their fish sandwich wasn't as fresh as they thought it was. According to the picture they posted to r/Popeyes, the bread's interior was a pallid greenish-grey, noticed only after u/misterprat had taken a bite out of their sandwich. Other users agreed that Popeyes (at least in their experiences) wasn't exactly the cleanest restaurant to visit.

"Not mold, just a unwashed biscuit pan and you're seeing left over burnt butter from the last batch of biscuits on that pan," one user claimed, noting that while it was still gross, there was no harm in eating it. This claim was debated by other users, who noted that it wasn't a biscuit and that the odd green discoloring more resembled mold than burnt butter.

This incident isn't the first time the chicken chain has been under fire for sanitation concerns. In 2016, a Popeyes in Harlem, New York, reportedly served the deep-fried head of a rat to a family (via Fox News), while in 2021, Inside Edition covered the inside of a rat-infested Popeyes in Washington, DC.