Instagram Is In Awe Of Dunkin's Blood Orange Refresher

According to QSR Magazine, Dunkin' introduced its new line of iced, fruity Refreshers back in June 2020. The coffee shop was a bit late to the party, as Starbucks launched its Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime Refreshers back in 2012. However, this isn't the first time Dunkin' has experimented with drinks outside of the coffee realm. The coffee chain has been serving its cult-favorite frozen Coolattas since around 1997 (per Dunkin's official website). The Refreshers became a welcome addition to Dunkin's coffee-alternative menu, especially because the drinks contain a bit of a caffeine boost from green tea (via QSR).

The first flavors of this summer beverage back in 2020 were Strawberry Dragonfruit and Peach Passion Fruit, and the brand has released a few more flavors since then. In spring of this year, Dunkin' released the Mango Pineapple Refresher, which could be enjoyed with either a green tea, coconut milk, or lemonade base, per the company website. Now that we are nearing fall, the coffee chain has a new Refresher that seems designed for the transition to chillier weather.

'It's THE summer to fall transition drink'

Dunkin' recently shared a photo of the new Blood Orange Refresher on Instagram with the cheeky caption, "Orange you glad the work week is over?" Fans were excited to check it out but also begging for past flavors to make a comeback in the comments. "I did and i have to say it's THE summer to fall transition drink," commented @alexmatijevich. Dunkin' Refreshers have a reputation for being overly sweet, at least among some Redditors. But according to some customers in the comments, that's not an issue for the Blood Orange Refresher.

The same user who deemed it a "transition drink" also reassured @stitchxoxox103 that it was in fact sweet, "but also a lil tart, and has a subtle note of spice." Other fans were more concerned about when their favorite flavors were making a comeback. Several commenters were pleading for the return of apple cranberry, which definitely screams fall. "Replacing the apple cranberry refresher with this is tragic," lamented wcolepatno. "Can we have the cranberry apple again pleaseeee??? i will try this one tho," said another Instagram user.