The Fan-Favorite McDonald's UK Item That's Returning To The Menu

In 2019, only about a quarter of customers would choose a spicy menu option over the traditional version (via Nation's Restaurant News), but as of 2021, that number has grown to over 50%, according to a study from Kalsec (a global herb and spice flavor extracts company). Wendy's has been a leader on the spicy side of the fast food industry since 1996 when it first introduced its spicy chicken sandwich (via Wendy's official website). Chick-fil-A joined in on the spicy chicken sandwich wars in 2010 with its own variation, which was the brand's first new sandwich since 1989 (via PR Newswire).

That same year, Wendy's decided to up the ante and add spicy nuggets to its menu (via Forbes). Burger King hopped on the spicy nugget bandwagon in 2017, right after Wendy's removed its own from the menu (via Restaurant Business Online). McDonald's attempted a spicy chicken sandwich in 2006 that quickly fizzled out, according to Wilmington Star-News. But it tried again years later and would introduce spicy nuggets to the U.S. in the summer of 2020. Of course, the notoriously sassy Wendy's roasted the Golden Arches on Twitter: "Must have scraped up all of BKs leftovers and slapped mcprice tag on it." Despite this savage takedown, McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets undoubtedly gained fans across the globe, and the chain just made an exciting announcement for its U.K. fans that live life on the spicy side.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets are making a comeback on September 7

According to Metro U.K., Spicy Chicken McNuggets first hit McDonald's menus in the U.K. in August 2019, but for a limited time only. They were a historic innovation for the brand because it was the first new variation of the McNugget since its inception in 1983 (via McDonald's Corporate). The nuggets' crispy coating dotted with cayenne and chili peppers delivered on the spice and the new mighty hot sauce sealed the deal for fans. The spicy nuggets were a bit of a tease, as they were in the U.K. for an eight-week test run in the summer of 2019, then were brought back in January 2020 for four weeks due to social media demands from fans (via Metro U.K.).

McDonald's is playing with fans' emotions yet again this year and bringing back the fiery nuggets on September 7 (via LADbible). This new nugget release comes with a hotter chili dip and customers can enjoy the nuggets in six-, nine-, or 20-piece packs. McDonald's Monopoly happens to start on the same day in the U.K., and the spicy chicken nuggets will be one of the menu items with a prize sticker attached. In order to win prizes, customers can collect these stickers, then enter them into the McDonald's app for an extra chance to win. Prizes range from cash to a mini electric car.