Reddit Is Divided Over Taco Bell's Supersized Cheez-It Tostada

When you think of fast food, you may picture a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets with fries and a milkshake. Those fast food items are classics and hit the spot, but there are a lot of interesting menu offerings around the world that may surprise you. For example, Tim Hortons in Buffalo, New York has a buffalo latte with actual buffalo sauce in the coffee, Kentucky Fried Chicken in New Zealand has chocolate truffles that taste like chicken, McDonald's in Japan has pumpkin spice french fries, and Burger King in Israel has a doughnut burger (per Eat This, Not That!).

Taco Bell has had its fair share of unique menu items, such as the Cheetos burrito, Kit Kat chocoladilla, French toast chalupa, firecracker burrito that comes with popping cayenne crystals, and naked chicken chalupa that has a shell made out of chicken (via People). Continuing its path of innovative food creations, Taco Bell revealed two new menu items it would begin testing in June 2022 at one location in Irvine, California. The items were the Big Cheez-It Tostada and Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap, which sold out in less than a month (per Taco Bell).

Some are looking forward to Taco Bell's Cheez-It tostada while others feel like it's a joke

One Redditor posted screenshots of two new items that Taco Bell was testing, the Big Cheez-It Tostada and the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap, with the caption "I'd try it ... why not[?]" The comments were spicy, heated, and divided pretty equally. Some agreed with the original poster, "I'm curious enough to try this thing. Probably go with the Crunchwrap," and, "This is absolutely something I would try at least once." Other commenters weren't as excited.

"Why do I feel like this is some April fool's joke?" one user wrote. Two Redditors said, "I'm sorry, but I feel like crackers just don't match up with taco meat. They could have made a strong, giant Dorito and that would have been amazing," and, "They should have just used a giant round flaming hot [D]orito." Some were concerned that the Cheez-It would become soggy in the middle or wouldn't taste good overall.

Some didn't appreciate the hate and defended the new Taco Bell items. "These comments do not pass the vibe check ... The tostada looks amazing[.] [I] definitely want to try it," one user passionately wrote. Another Redditor added, "Something new coming to T[aco] [B]ell ... WHERE[']S MY insert thing they haven't sold in years." This is true as several commenters said they wanted certain menu items back, such as the spicy tostada, shredded chicken, chili cheese burrito, and beefy crunch burrito.