What Makes Trader Joe's New Juice Flavor So Unique?

A new Trader Joe's juice blend has hit store shelves and it's part of the "To The Power of..." juices we all know and love. The grocery chain's "To The Power of Seven" green and purple juice blends have come on and off shelves for years now. These Trader Joe's juices are not only full of flavorful fruits and vegetables, but also antioxidants, iron, and many nutrients you may be missing from your day-to-day routine — and both are delicious and healthy, what more could one ask for in a refreshing daily drink?

The new "To The Power Of C" juice is also a 100% juice blend just like the others, and does not contain concentrate or "watered-down flavors" (via Trader Joe's). Instagram account, Trader Joe's List, posted a picture of the juice and wrote, "Organic 100% juice blend! Yes it has 26g of sugar but it's from fresh fruit juices with no sugar added" along with the juice's five ingredients. And one of those ingredients is a unique addition that provides a kick of nutrition.

The power of acerola cherry powder

Trader Joe's "To the Power of C" juice contains organic orange juice, organic pineapple juice, organic mango puree, lemon juice, and an unexpected add: acerola cherry powder (per Trader Joe's). With acerola cherry powder mixed in, you get a total of 90 milligrams of vitamin C per eight fluid ounces, which is 100% of the recommended daily value. (Though dietitians may not get behind the juice so easily.)

If you're unfamiliar with this unique powder, acerola cherry (pronounced ay-sr-ow-luh) is a fruit common in tropical climates that is usually taken as a vitamin C supplement. Packed full of antioxidants, the fruit is considered a superfruit because of its high level of vitamin C, which is 13 times that of an orange (via MindBodyGreen). For those of you searching for a drink that provides a full day's vitamin C intake, we'd say that's a pretty good fruit to have in your daily juice.

It's important to remember that juices are not meal replacements. Juice alone is not balanced with all you need nutrition wise since it doesn't have the protein or fat you need each day, according to Heathline. While that may be the case, you can always pair Trader Joe's juices with your morning breakfast or after-dinner snack.