Why Bobby Flay Needed His Own Stunt Double For 'Bobby & Sophie'

Bobby Flay and his daughter, Sophie, are business partners who sound like best friends. Not only do they share a podcast, but they also just launched their own Food Network show, "Bobby and Sophie On the Coast." Though Flay is a New York native, his co-star currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is also a community journalist for ABC7 (via Food Network).

The first season of this new TV series spotlights Sophie's hometown and documents the Flays' gastronomic adventures in Los Angeles. So far, the pair has been doing everything from sampling the city's variety of seafood to making the best goat tacos. They also have been on some excursions along the way, including exploring Hollywood and crafting a decadent Thai green curry (via People). Both of the Flays have been actively taking to social media to promote the show, in the form of Tweets, Instagram posts, and stories. But there was an aspect of the show that Bobby did not actively take part in, leaving it for a stunt double instead.

City boy Flay doesn't surf

After "Bobby and Sophie On the Coast" premiered in August, Bobby Flay took to his Instagram to collect and answer questions that fans posed about the show. The various topics addressed included the appearance of desserts, Bobby and Sophie's food preferences, and details about filming the series.

One question specifically focused on a scene that seemed to show Bobby on a surfboard. Apparently, Sophie took her father "to Malibu to try to catch some waves" (via Facebook). A fan asked if the senior Flay was really surfing or if it was a stunt double. The television star didn't shy away from this direct question and alluded to his East Coast roots in his answer. Bobby responded, "I definitely don't surf. I'm a city boy all the way."

Longtime fans of the chef may recall that Bobby has been on camera in a surf-themed scene before. He previously joined surfer Flip Cuddy for some Korean BBQ on the beach for the very first episode of "BBQ with Bobby Flay" (via Food Network). In one scene, surfers performed headstands on their boards (via YouTube). Bobby remained on the sand and probably needed no stunt double for that.