Bobby And Sophie On The Coast: Release Date, Restaurants, And More - What We Know So Far

Although many people would expect Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie, to follow in his footsteps and become a chef, she has carved her own path. Sophie Flay stayed out of the spotlight for the most part growing up, making appearances on her dad's shows here and there (via IMDb). Instead of enrolling in culinary school, the celebrity chef's daughter studied broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California and graduated in 2018 (via Wide Open Eats). Her experience from several internships in college, including covering the Olympics (via LinkedIn), landed her a job at ABC7 News in Los Angeles.

She is clearly forging her own career path, but she collaborates occasionally with her dear old dad because they are both passionate about food in their own way. The father-daughter duo hosts their own food-centric podcast called "Always Hungry" and co-hosted the six-episode series, "The Flay List" in 2019. In the series, the Flays explored New York City, with the "Beat Bobby Flay" star introducing his daughter to classic interpretations of a particular dish, and then Sophie would surprise her dad with hot and new restaurants in the city (via YouTube). This year, the pair is working on a similar series, but this time on the West Coast.

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast premieres August 22

On the last TV series Bobby and Sophie Flay did together, "The Flay List," the celebrity chef was leading his daughter on a culinary tour of his hometown of New York City. In the pair's new three-episode series, "Bobby and Sophie on the Coast," the father-daughter duo is flipping the script and will be exploring Los Angeles, which is where Sophie calls home.

"Sophie and I have always loved to use food to explore the neighborhoods we visit," Bobby Flay told Warner Bros. "Now, we have the opportunity to visit the local establishments on the West Coast and get to know the talented chefs who continue to utilize the local ingredients that reflect what LA cuisine is all about."

After dining at a few local restaurants, the celebrity chef will take the inspiration from each spot and turn it into a dish for his daughter to enjoy. "He does a lot of the cooking and I do a lot of the eating, that's really how our relationship goes," Sophie Flay told WGN News (via YouTube).

A few familiar Food Network faces appear in the series

Each episode of "Bobby and Sophie on the Coast" highlights a different neighborhood in Los Angeles. In the first episode, the pair explores Hollywood and stops in to visit and cook with a few of Bobby Flay's friends. One of the stops on their Hollywood tour is the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, which houses acclaimed chef Nancy Silverton's new restaurant, The Barish (via Warner Bros.).

In the second episode, the pair explores the beach towns that surround Los Angeles (via Food Network). One of the visits on their beach tour is Playa Provisions in Playa Del Rey, which is owned by "Top Chef" and "Tournament of Champions" winner Brooke Williamson. In the trailer for the series, Bobby Flay is carrying a surfboard, and we imagine he hits the waves in this beach-themed episode. We can't wait to see that and apparently neither can Sunny Anderson.

The final episode centers around Downtown Los Angeles, so Sophie and Bobby head to fellow Iron Chef Stephanie Izard's restaurant Girl & the Goat in search of inspiration for Flay's ultimate goat tacos (perĀ Food Network).