How Nadiya Hussain Made Mary Berry Cry While Filming GBBO

When the announcer named Nadiya Hussain the triumphant winner of "The Great British Bake Off" in 2015, the baker's life changed forever (per Nadiya Hussain). She explained, "All I remember is handing the trophy back to Paul and saying 'are you sure you haven't made a mistake?'" After her win, Hussain went on to write cookbooks, children's books, novels, starred in her own cooking shows, and writes a weekly column in The Times. Her numerous successes have pushed her to set other goals for herself, always reaching higher and further than before, inspiring the world with her authenticity and love of baking.

At the National Television Awards, former "GBBO" judge, Mary Berry, commented on her admiration for Hussain's win in an interview by saying, "I think the one that Nadiya won was the greatest one from 'Bake Off'. She had achieved so much," (via Digital Spy). If you've seen the show, you know Berry isn't one to wear her heart on her sleeve. So when the world witnessed her get choked up after the proud moment when her favorite baker was crowned, we all got a little choked up too.

What does Nadiya think about Mary crying after her win?

When re-watching her life-changing win unfold on the show, the accomplished baker marveled that she did in fact make Mary Berry cry that day (per YouTube). You can see the tears of joy welling up in the judge's eyes when speaking to the camera about her feelings on the winner's "GBBO" journey. Her voice may have been shaking, but she was able to hold back the tears and comment with all the natural grace she usually exudes. Berry simply and genuinely said, "Sheer perfection, and I enjoyed every minute." Hussain paused the video after hearing Berry's heartfelt words and remarked that even though she's not proud to have made her cry, it did happen. 

The long-time judge of seven seasons was well-known on "The Great British Bake Off" for maintaining a stoic and poised demeanor on set (via Metro UK). She'd even admitted how much she disliked when contestants lost control of their emotions on the show. "In life you shouldn't keep bursting into tears. There are occasions when you want to cry your heart out, but not on a television programme," she explained to Radio Times magazine. The fact that the bakers' emotional win elicited such a vulnerable response from the always-composed Mary Berry was an unexpected reaction that Hussain cherishes.