Reddit Has Serious FOMO For Costco Mexico's Hot Dogs

Costco's food court has taken on mythic proportions in the land of social media. It seems impossible to fire up the old internet machine without running across TikTok hacks to make your Costco eating experience better, or finding secrets of the Costco food court being revealed to enhance every meal. One of the most common sources for gluttonous joy is the $1.50 hot dog meal at the wholesaler. Since 1985 it's become a staple of the shopping experience and currently, there is no intent to make any changes to the food or the price.

"We have no plans to take that hot dog above a buck fifty. End of story," Costco CEO Craig Jelinek said back in 2020, according to Business Insider. The fact Jelinek has stayed true to that claim for years, despite CNBC reporting on strong inflation rates, shows how deeply tied to the Costco identity that super cheap meal deal is.

As loyal as shoppers may be to their favorite food, a Reddit thread showed that in Mexico there's even more to love about the Costco hot dog.

Toppings make the meal

In the United States, our hot dog toppings tend to be a little on the uninspired side. Often a hot dog will come adorned with nothing but some standard yellow mustard. Maybe, if someone is truly wild, they'll hit it with some relish or sauerkraut, but little else. It's gotten so bad that people had to start making recommendations for things you should be putting on your hot dog. Yet, even that list ignored the topping that Costco Mexico always has available, according to a picture posted on Reddit: jalapeños.

The photo also depicted mayo and onions as being offered for topping off a delicious dog. These aren't common in the United States. Commenters showed the huge range of emotions that a few good garnishes can bring to the humble hot dog. "Costco execs doing their part to make us feel jealous for other countries," said one Redditor. "The level of my envy is off of the charts. Congratulations to you and yours," replied another. Some even planned an exodus south of the border. "Looks like I'm taking a trip to Mexico City for a hotdog or 30," one person noted.

Some variety is common at different locations — in Canada, there's poutine on the Costco food court menu. With both familiar and different options to choose from, you can fall in love with Costco all over again.