The Costco Food Court Menu Hack That Had TikTok Drooling

Despite its reputation as a place for endless dance videos, TikTok does offer up some great advice. TikTok creators have come up with game-changing kitchen hacks, not to mention a feta pasta recipe that we didn't know we couldn't live without. TikTokers are also great at providing interesting ways to upgrade food purchases.

Previously, the platform caused a stir when it offered some Grubhub advice from a Papa John's worker who pointed to a feud over fees charged by delivery services. There have also been plenty of secret menu hacks reported by creators, such as the time TikTok informed the public about the best parts of the In-N-Out not-really-secret secret menu, along with such fan favorites as going "animal style" on an order of fries. Now, TikToker @ashyizzle is helping the eaters of the world by providing a new way of cranking up their calorie count at the nearest Costco food court.

How to eat like a pro at the Costco food court

The dollar and a half hot dog and drink combo at Costco is one of the most popular low-cost meals to be had today. But with a little ingenuity, a TikTok craftswoman who also seems to be a Costco professional found a way to enhance the hot dog experience when she mixed it with a chicken bake.

In the video, the TikToker ignores all of the usual food rules in pursuit of a sumptuous meal, @ashyizzle takes the hot dog from its bun and slips it right into the chicken bake, creating a combination that begs to be salivated over. "The crispy outside cheese and the chicken bake creamy inside, delicious," was @ashyizzle's take on the food. So far, there are 3,009 comments consisting of jokes and drooling faces, but many of the viewers cared less about her deep culinary analysis and far more about her fuzzy white dog. One said, "the dog in the back: gimme sum," while another lamented, "The dog is so sad." 

Though the poor pooch may have missed out, us human beings are still able to bask in the bliss of the hot dog chicken bake combo. It's worth the price of admission, though still not as good as wrapping a Costco hot dog in a slice of pizza.