Trader Joe's New Dairy-Free Dessert Is A Chocolate Lover's Fantasy

Trader Joe's stands out for its quirkiness. Business Insider writes that people love Trader Joe's for many reasons, including its eco-friendly ideals and health-conscious attitudes. Plus, Trader Joe's has a reputation for low prices, making it easier to sustain its fan base. Plant-based food items were a well-established part of Trader Joe's stores even before other mainstream restaurants and grocers started increasing their range. It's one of the reasons many vegetarians and vegans are fond of the store.

Over the years, Trader Joe's has continued to bring in new items and flavors. That might be especially true of the chain's range of ice creams. Pure Wow reported on 24 different Trader Joe's ice cream products that include some unusual flavors like "cold brew coffee and boba" and some other more familiar items like ice cream sandwiches that are made with oat milk. Now, the brand has a new flavor that's exciting Trader Joe's fans on social media.

A dairy-free chocolate ice cream captivated Trader Joe's fans

Instagram user traderjoeslist recently posted an image of the new ice cream Trader Joe's Very Chocolatey with Fudge Brownies and said, "This vegan dessert looks incredible. Anytime something is VERY chocolate, please assume I will be all over it! I will be on the hunt for this new item!" With close to 16,800 likes on the post as of this writing, it certainly looks like the item has sparked enthusiasm. Various people responded with interest. At least one lamented the fact that they'd just started a diet. Some were very excited that the dessert was non-dairy and made with oat milk. Others were turned off by the fact that it is vegan.

A Reddit post about the product also received positive comments such as "NON-DAIRY AND NUT FREE? I may cry" and "That sounds heavenly." Another user wondered if there would be a lot of brownie chunks throughout the ice cream. However, while it might sound like a chocolate lover's fantasy to some, not everyone would be able to experience it in reality.

On both Instagram and Reddit users who were hoping for gluten-free ice cream were disappointed. Redditor and celiac sufferer ScatteredRhymes complained that Trader Joe's has "zero ice cream flavors on their list of gluten-free products. The lemon ice cream has shortbread in it, the horchata ice cream has cookies in it, this has brownie pieces in it."