Cat Cora Has A Controversial Favorite Burger Topping

Cat Cora has made her name as a celebrity chef and restauranteur, but that doesn't mean all of her culinary creations satisfy everyone's palate. In fact, one of the things that she likes to place on her burgers might actually make some people pass on her cookouts.

As Food Network lays out, Cat Cora was the first-ever female Iron Chef who diversified her business interests to include cookware, cooking instructional content, and food products. Additionally, the site says she's even worked to develop her own line of women's shoes. Although the list of her recipes on Food Network doesn't include any burgers, you can try out her other dishes like charred eggplant soup and mahi-mahi to see if your tastes align with hers.

That might be the case when you discover her polarizing topping for her burgers. Alternatively, you might wonder why she wants to ruin a perfectly good burger with this single ingredient.

Make room for Cora's burger topping

Cora posted a video of herself handling a pan that contained the controversial ingredient on Twitter. However, she didn't hold back in terms of revealing her affinity in the video's caption, stating, "I love adding sautéed mushrooms to our burgers! What are your favorite burger toppings?" During the video, Cora expressed her excitement about the mushrooms and what she called her "dream outdoor kitchen."

One of her followers didn't take long to chime in with a vastly different opinion. That follower said, "I feel unsophisticated; I've tried to like mushrooms my whole life, and, at 47, I still hate them." That Twitter user isn't alone in that sentiment, either. In 2019, HuffPost compiled a list of 20 tweets that expressed solidarity about fungus hate. Among them are "In order to tell if your mushrooms have gone bad, ask yourself, this is basically mold; why did I think this was a good thing to eat anyway?" and "When you put mushrooms on your pizza, you're basically admitting that it's okay for people to hate you."

Mushroom propaganda includes content on the other side of the debate, too. In 2017, Chic Vegan espoused 10 reasons to love the fungi, including their ability to lower blood sugar and being high in antioxidants. It's unclear whether Cora was following our sautéed mushrooms recipe in her video, but there's no room for debate about how she feels about fungi on burgers. She's firmly pro-mushroom.