The Difference Between New York Cheesecake And Its Japanese And Spanish Cousins

Even if you're a dessert lover, there are likely some surprising things you didn't know about cheesecake. Although you might think cheesecake was invented in New York, Jonathan Lord Cheesecake reveals that it was actually invented by the ancient Greeks, who made it with a mixture of flour, honey, and fresh cheese. Now, more than 4,000 years later, this creamy cake is popular in many countries across the world. 

The most popular variety is native to New York, and it's characterized by its dense filling, lots of sour cream or heavy cream, a bit of lemon juice, and that crumbly crust. In addition, New York-style cheesecake is typically topped with strawberries, and, less often, cherries (via King Arthur Baking). 

But if you love cheesecake, there are a few more styles you can try. For example, there's also Japanese cheesecake, as well as Spain's Basque cheesecake. And there are some differences between each style.

Japanese and Basque cheesecakes have no crust

Greatist revealed some of the most popular types of cheesecakes, and the most notable among them is the Japanese version, which is sometimes known as "cotton" cheesecake. Why the nickname? One look at it is enough — the Japanese cheesecake is so light and fluffy that it often wobbles when a slice is served. This is the result of many egg whites that have been whipped and mixed into the batter. Interestingly, this type of cheesecake has no crust at all. It's also known as soufflé cheesecake or jiggly cake due to its unusual texture, per The Spruce Eats

Spain's Basque cheesecake, meanwhile, has its ow characteristics. Masterclass says that this cheesecake is baked at high temperatures to develop the burnt, caramelized crust on top. The interior, however, should remain very rich and gooey. Basque cheesecake is also crustless, and it's traditionally baked in parchment paper, resulting in wrinkled edges on top. 

Now that you know the differences between all of those cheesecake styles, you might just be inspired to whip up a cheesecake for your loved ones. Why not start with a classic New York cheesecake recipe?