Here's Why Costco's Rotisserie Chicken Doesn't Always Cost $4.99

There's a few tricks that Costco uses to help lure customers back into its warehouses. One of these tactics is the cheap $1.50 hot dog and soda at the food court. Investopedia reports that Costco also sets up shop near suburban areas, because the company knows that's where its shoppers typically come from. Then there's the free samples that are constantly ready for the hungry shopper seeking a little cheap deliciousness. These entice shoppers as part of what Business Insider calls a "brilliant business strategy."

Another piece of bait that Costco likes to use is the giant, tasty rotisserie chicken that costs just $4.99. Although there's a lot of shady secrets surrounding the rotisserie chicken, it's still a massive draw. MSN reports that each year Costco shoppers snap up more than 100 million of the chickens, despite allegations of abuse and a lawsuit claiming that the chickens are abused prior to their time cooking on the spit.

There's even more surprises to be had with regard to the Costco rotisserie chicken — such as when it doesn't actually cost $4.99.

How to get a Costco rotisserie chicken for even less

A monstrous chicken coated with seasoning and succulent goodness is a bargain to be had at a scant $4.99. But that's not good enough for some extreme bargain hunters, who feel fully alive when tracking down popular foods to buy during times of massive inflation or combing through fast food menus to find the best way to spend $5. A few of these eagle-eyed shoppers noticed that sometimes there's a way to get a Costco rotisserie chicken for even less than the standard sticker price.

A commenter on the TUG BBS timeshare forum was one of many to drop some knowledge on another commenter who noticed that some Costco rotisserie birds were priced differently. "The price on Costco rotisserie chicken has to do with the weight of the bird," the commenter said. "When it weighs below a certain number, it is priced lower. When it is above a certain weight, it is priced at $4.99, regardless."

This means you can not only save money if you get a lighter chicken. But it also means that if every chicken over 3 pounds is the same price, then you can look at the weight and get a heftier choice while still only paying $4.99.