Is Costco Open On Labor Day 2022?

Ah, Labor Day. Three glorious days to squeeze in one last barbeque or a final lazy day by the lake. It also means one last weekend to tie up back-to-school shopping. And, of course, Labor Day has become a day to snag some of the year's best Labor Day deals and freebies. According to CNBC, some U.S. shoppers are planning to pull back on spending in the next three to six months, so it would seem there's never been a better time to hit the sales. That usually means grabbing the cute summer clothing items you didn't want to splurge on at full price or stocking up on kids' uniforms and notebooks and binders.

But, according to a survey of 1,000 consumers done by Retail Me Not, apparently this year things are different. With worries about rising prices and tightening purse strings, 54% of shoppers are planning to max out on food and beverage sales savings this weekend. If you're one of those shoppers planning to spend your wad on groceries rather than discretionary purchases this sale season, it might seem like the perfect time for a Costco run. One important question stands in your way: Is Costco even open on Labor Day?

Costco will be closed on Labor Day 2022

While Costco may be many people's holy grail of deal destinations, sadly, they are not open on Labor Day 2022 (per Costco). That being said, that doesn't mean that the wholesale storeĀ is short on Labor Day weekend deals this year. In addition to their blowout mattress sale, the retailer is also offering deals and same-day delivery on a wide array of Labor Day cookout staples like disposable cups, all sorts of cuts of meat for all your grilling needs, and classic barbeque sides like watermelon and pasta salad (via Costco). They've even got three-packs of pound cake for those looking to experiment with desserts you can make on the grill by slapping a slice on there and letting it caramelize the edges into a sugary, caramelly crust. Don't forget the strawberries and Kirkland Signature whipped cream to accompany it.

But those looking to stock up on these and other holiday fares at Costco will have to plan in advance. The stores will be open on Saturday and Sunday with hours that may depend on your location but will be closed for the holiday on Monday.