TikTok's Hack For Storing Chipotle Leftovers Is A Total Game-Changer

There are certain fast food items that just don't do particularly well as leftovers. For example, eating the remains of a burger the next day means you'll likely be dealing with an incredibly soggy, unappetizing bun. For food safety reasons, you also probably don't want to be chowing down on old sushi, since raw fish is definitely not something you should be keeping in your fridge for days on end. However, there are other dishes, such as rice bowls, that can be quite tasty the following day — and many items from Chipotle fall into this category.

For many Chipotle diners, leftovers are almost inevitable. One Reddit user even took to the platform and posted in the Chipotle subreddit asking for ideas on what others were doing with their Chipotle leftover the next day. As they stated, "I can never eat a full bowl or burrito in one sitting."

While there are certainly ways to jazz up your leftovers, for Chipotle fans, there's always been a bit of an issue with storing them. That's because the cardboard base of the container that Chipotle's food comes in can often get soggy — especially if you load up on salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and other toppings with a lot of moisture.

Luckily, there's a TikTok hack that addresses that very issue — and it couldn't be simpler to implement. All it requires is slightly rethinking the way you're putting those leftovers away.

The game-changing way to store your leftovers

TikTok user brookemcgee_ took to the platform with a short video in which she demonstrated her tip in action, tagging the post with #chipotlehacks and #chipotleismylife. Basically, to store your Chipotle leftovers without the cardboard portion getting soggy, all you need to do is flip the container upside down so that the cardboard portion is on the top and the aluminum "lid" is on the bottom. Given that the lid is essentially an aluminum container, crimped at the edges to fit around the cardboard, it provides a stable base and doesn't get soggy the way cardboard has the potential to.

Brooke demonstrated the hack in action as she zoomed in on two Chipotle containers in her fridge stored in the way she recommends. The simple hack racked up over 259,000 likes, as well as over 1,000 comments from Chipotle devotees who couldn't believe they hadn't thought of storing their leftovers that way. The brand itself even got in on the action, cheekily commenting "ok thomas edison" in response to the ingenious storage solution.

With the packaging lasting much longer when stored in the TikTok audience-approved method, you no longer have to worry about the soggy packaging spoiling your tasty leftovers. But how long should you actually be keeping your uneaten Chipotle? Izzy Cooking reports that leftovers should be just fine for about 3 to 4 days. Beyond that, you may not want to risk it.