Reddit Has Some Strong Opinions About Subway's Ingredient Names

In an effort to be creative, many food establishments come up with obscure names for their menu items. Though some of them can be clever, others don't quite hit the mark. For example, Burger King launched a Meatatarian menu in 2016, per Fortune. The items were hilariously named Full Meaty, Half Meaty, and Chicken Bacon Meaty. And if that isn't interesting enough, let us remind you about KFC's Chizza. According to Business Insider, the Chizza was exactly what it sounds like — a combination of chicken and pizza. It had a fried chicken base loaded with KFC cheese sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken ham, and chunks of pineapple.

The Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti doesn't have that strange of a name, as McDonald's adds "Mc" to the beginning of everything; however, the product is kind of weird in general. According to McDonald's, this item is still available in the Philippines, and it features a piece of chicken served alongside spaghetti. About a month ago, a Reddit user had enough of fast food names and called out some Subway menu items.

The Redditor claimed some names are inaccurate

A purported Subway employee was quite annoyed with the names of the store's ingredients. In a lengthy Reddit post on the r/subway subreddit, the employee detailed how the eatery is "fancying-up" its menu. They started with Artisan Italian Bread. "These loaves are farted out into a cardboard box by a machine ... They are not handmade. So it's not really an 'artisan' product. It's also not from Italy, making the name 'artisan Italian' somehow contain TWO lies in as many words." They then revealed that Hearty Multigrain is more sugary than the other bread options and that it's not fully whole wheat.

They continued with meats, claiming Subway's Black Forest Ham isn't from Germany's Black Forest region, and the Baja Rotisserie Chicken isn't from Baja, California. After the post continued with many more lines, the comments section seemed to agree with most of what the original poster said. "Subway is notorious for marketing crap a certain way to make it sound healthier or fresher or more upscale," a comment read. Still, one person roasted OP's claims that the ingredients aren't fresh. "It's silly because the people posting it have a very unrealistic expectation of anything being fresh," they wrote.

The fast food sub shop doesn't seem to be suffering from its purported naming inaccuracies, however. With 5,300 subs served per minute (per Entrepreneur), the chain probably doesn't have to worry much about Reddit claims.