A Viral TikTok Karen Made Unbelievable Threats To Dunkin' Workers

Dunkin' is a popular coffee spot so it's no surprise that it gets its fair share of Karen's. One Dunkin' Karen had TikTok shaking its head and the truth is, Karens like this are changing the way Dunkin' does customer service. Of course, Dunkin' isn't the only place you'll find such customers. The "Karen," as defined by Dictionary.com, "an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people's behaviors." 

While this is a detailed definition, the term seems to be more commonly used for any unhappy customer causing a ruckus. In fact, even ordering a certain topping can make you a Karen, per a Starbucks barista. And although small and big actions alike may deem you this common name, and often garner a good laugh from those witnessing a Karen in action, sometimes things are taken too far. 

This one Dunkin' location felt the wrath of an abusive and berating Karen, prompting one woman to video the horrific, obscene scene.

This Karen was enraged over Dunkin' donuts

One customer at Dunkin' was so distraught over the way this Karen was behaving, that she had to get it on camera. The disturbing TikTok video (viewer discretion is advised) shows a customer screaming, cursing, and even threatening Dunkin' workers over what appears to be a donut order. The Karen, in between her obscenities, was threatening to call ISIS, the police, and channel 4 news, although we don't know what transpired prior to this video clip.

The OP, who posted "I snapped on her but had to shut up bc I'm 6 months pregnant," was appalled by this Karen's behavior, calling her "awful and disgusting." She wasn't the only one.

The video went viral, and currently has a whopping 75,000 comments with the likes of "just another reason I can't stand (most) people" and "This is exactly why no one works anymore in the service industry!!!!!" Furthermore, many offered the same kind of advice for the next Karen encounter with comments akin to "Come on, people. I promise it only takes ONE person to stand up to people like this, and more will always join in. Speak the hell up."