What Happened To This Beloved Bakery Item From Starbucks?

Life is a fluid, ever-evolving process, and, as a result, change is inevitable. Some make perfect sense, such as the disappearance of local video stores or pay phones, because newer technology rendered them irrelevant. But what happens when a particular food item leaves your favorite cafe? You may wonder who made such a reckless decision. Didn't they realize it was the only thing making your Monday mornings slightly more bearable?

Yes, Starbucks is known predominantly for its coffee. It put Seattle's Pike Place on the map and claims the crown as the largest coffee chain in the world — $29 billion in revenue and a 33% market share in the U.S. – outperforming the runner-up, Panera, by a wide margin (via Zippia). With that level of dominance, you might wonder why the company would then remove particular items from the menu, especially when, from the perspective of everyone who loves that product, they're very popular and selling well.

Starbucks Almond Croissant

There's something particularly enjoyable about almond croissants. Perhaps it is the way the soft pastry pulls apart, or maybe it is the crunch of the almonds as you bite into it, with the sweet almond paste in the middle serving as a tasty surprise. There's something about this specific croissant that seems to transport you to an outdoor cafe in Paris as you savor its deliciousness. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people took to Reddit to discuss its disappearance from Starbucks' menu. "It was the best part of my morning. If it's been discontinued, my life will never be the same!" exclaimed one Redditor. Sadly, a Starbucks supervisor confirmed, "It's been discontinued. They keep taking away every [thing] people actually like."

As many responded to the post with disappointment about the almond croissant's extinction, several suggested starting a petition. u/Ffierclaw — a Starbucks barista — offered encouragement by adding, "They did take away and bring back the sausage egg and cheddar biscuit because a customer started a petition."

"Everyone's freaking out about this on Facebook too. I've never had it, but why does Starbucks keep doing this for real ... it seems they keep discontinuing things that have a huge fan base," pondered Redditor u/xojlg.