The Burger King Game Collection That Left Reddit Fans Scratching Their Heads

Anyone can start a collection of items of personal interest or perceived value, but some possessions are more financially worthwhile than others. Coins, stamps, entertainment memorabilia, weapons, wines, and spirits all top the most valuable categories that can be collected, according to Money — assuming you make the right selections, of course.

A slightly more random acquisition has been found on Reddit. Uploaded to the gaming subreddit, Redditor nomercyvideo showed off an incredible array of video games, titling the post: "I have 2,706 copies of the Burger King Xbox 360 game 'Sneak King'." For The Win explains that the game was released in 2006, and involves players controlling Burger King's noble mascot as he silently ambushes people with food — if he gets seen, the food is rejected.

The collection is noticeably massive, sprawling across the room in towers created from dozens of copies of the game stacked on top of each other. It seems to be popular with Reddit though, achieving 133,000 upvotes. Despite this, the overwhelming question that exists is, "Why?" Thankfully, we have the answer.

The Sneak King collection has grown to over 3,000 copies

Reddit commenters seem to be impressed and bemused by the strange Burger King game collection. Worth $5 is one Redditor's cynical valuation of the games, but another optimistically says: "They're worth so much that no one knows the true value." One replier simply terms the games "unvestments", which Urban Dictionary defines as the opposite of an investment. "You're gonna be the guy they talk about in math questions ... " could be considered a worthy compliment.

NME reports that the "Sneak King" hoard is owned by Leroy Patterson, who has a perfectly rational explanation for owning so many copies .... Sort of. Patterson has the philosophy that if "Sneak King” suddenly becomes sought after he'll be rich — otherwise "it's a funny story and journey." It all started with buying 50 copies from a dollar store, NME explains, eventually leading to a total exceeding 3,000, according to Twitter (still only a fraction of the 2.7 million discs sold, notes Daily Camera).

It may just be possible that Patterson realizes those untold riches. NME notes that "Sneak King" sold for $3.99 when originally launched, whereas Price Charting estimates new copies can sell for $4.80.