The Viral TikTok Dating Fail That Started At A Cracker Barrel

Ah, young love. When you think of it, you may conjure up images of couples kissing under the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps cuddling in a gondola in Venice. You might not think of a relationship blossoming in a restaurant between a server and a customer, but it happens.

One Quora user recalled a server at a Mexican restaurant who left her his number on a napkin after the pair had flirted. On a second visit to the restaurant, the woman sat with her son in the same server's section and got a surprise at the end of the meal. "He brings our check over, then sits right down beside me, hands me the check, plus a rolled up napkin with something in it. I unwrap the napkin and there's a pen in it. He indicated that he wanted me to write down my phone number."

Perhaps people were hoping a restaurant love story would blossom at a Cracker Barrel of all places when a dating attempt went viral. But as chronicled by a server on TikTok, a sweet beginning did not end well.

The Cracker Barrel flame that fizzled

TikToker @underage21yearold, a server at Cracker Barrel, was struck by Cupid when a young man sat at a table in her section. She posted a TikTok detailing the pair's initial encounter. She gave him a cookie wrapped in a napkin with her Snapchat information written on it. After her shift, she waited for him to add her on the social media platform. "I just got home from work and he added me. He added me! His name is Ashtyn." Even then, though, @underage21yearold didn't have high hopes. "I know this is totally going nowhere, but I think it's really funny," she said.

But our bold Cracker Barrel server wasn't done yet. @underage21yearold posted a follow-up TikTok telling followers Ashtyn had asked her out, but when the proposed date came, he asked to reschedule. "Do I look like the kind of girl that reschedules? No, no, sweetie. So, we didn't go on the date, and I never spoke to him again."

The server may have been confident in her decision to turn Ashtyn down, but TikTok has mixed feelings. User @curly_bap remarked, "Someone thinks [a lot] of themself." However, @underage21yearold added that Ashtyn wanted to reschedule because "he didn't feel like driving to [her]," which prompted user @lucidparadox8 to comment, "Okay. I'm a dude. And a dad. If you put that much effort in, and put yourself out there. AND he can't drive to you. Leave it be. You'll find better."