What Happened To Numilk After Shark Tank?

In recent years, plant-based milk has become all the rage, accounting for 10% of the total milk market, according to Food Manufacturing. One of the reasons for this is the reduced impact non-dairy milk has on the environment, as it uses less land and water to produce (via Science Focus). But even the process to produce and package almond milk can be quite laborious. The Sustainable Restaurant Association told The Guardian that it usually takes 1,611 gallons to make even a liter of the nut milk.

However, one company hopes to further reduce waste from traditional dairy milks. Numilk is a food manufacturer and technology company that assembles pouched plant-based milks, lattes, and protein shakes that can be added to its machine, through which customers can use to create their own vegan milks at home. Not only does Numilk provide fresh tasting milk by letting consumers add their own ingredients to the machine, but it also cuts down on packaging waste and water usage (via Shark Tank Success).

Pre-Shark Tank

Numilk is the brainchild of Joe Savino, Ari Tolwan, and Lennie Friedman. The founders wanted to provide nut milk lovers with a way to enjoy and create their own plant-based milk without all the extra gums and stabilizers found in mainstream brands (via Well+Good). What they created was a durable machine that could make fresh, creamy almond milk right before a customer's eyes.

Customers might have previously spotted a Numilk machine at their local Whole Foods, where they can make their own almond milk, oat milk, and cashew milk. According to Numilk's mission page, the health foods company started implementing Numilk's technologies in its stores in 2018. Though the machine was successfully implemented in several locations across the grocery chain, the founders strived to create a version of their machine that could be used at home. Therefore, their next business move was appearing on the popular venture capitalist show, "Shark Tank."

The Shark Tank era

Joe Savino and Ari Tolwan went on "Shark Tank" in March 2021, four years after they initially drafted their business idea for Numilk (via Shark Tank Tales). They appeared on Season 12 of the competition show, and sought a deal of $1 million for 5% equity (via 2paragraphs). The entrepreneurs ended up leaving the episode with a $2-million deal from Mark Cuban. On its Kickstarter page, Numilk has amassed 888 backers for its novel in-home product, which now has a waitlist on Numilk's storefront for $249.

The company is doing well following its appearance on "Shark Tank." Specifically designed for restaurants and coffee shops, a Numilk Pro has also been in the works to provide eateries fresh plant-based milk. The startup is also expected to be worth $55 million in 2022, according to Techie Gamers.

However, the company recently announced on its Instagram that it will be dissembling any of its in-store machines, meaning that customers will now need to turn to the Numilk Home and the Numilk Pro for any of their (almond) milking needs.