What Happened To Jackson's Honest After Shark Tank?

When it comes to securing a deal on "Shark Tank," it's no secret that having a quality product with a proven track record is a must — but, sometimes, it pays to have a heartwarming story.

When it comes to offering a top-notch product, it would seem that Jackson's Honest could tick off that box with a big red check mark. Shark Tank Blog reveals that its potatoes were non-GMO, its corn was purely organic, it sourced its salt from a Utah seabed that offers 60 minerals, and only fried its potatoes in coconut oil, making them "probably the healthiest chips you can eat."  

Their tracker record was admirable as well. The company sold over $1 million of products in its first year and as of 2017, had increased its earnings to $10 million. 

It is the product's story, however, that was most impressive. CNBC shares that young Jackson Reamer, the company founder's son, became ill at a very young age. When he was 3 years old, his body weight had fallen to a mere 17 pounds. After a seemingly endless cycle of tests, it wasn't clear what was wrong, however, when Jackson was introduced to a diet high in good fats, he began to improve. He then began eating a potato chip that was fried in coconut oil and the family's company was born. Sadly, Jackson passed away in 2017 from his illness (Aicardi-Goutières syndrome), but his legacy lives on.

Jackson's Honest inked a deal with Rohan Oza

When Jackson's Honest founders, Scott and Megan Reamer, appeared on "Shark Tank," Scott had just quit his job to give this thriving company his complete focus. They landed a coveted spot on the show in the hopes of taking their business to the next level — and further honoring their son's legacy. 

Their initial ask was a 5% stake for $1.25 million, which equates to a $25 million company valuation. Robert Herjavec loved their product but was out as their sales at Whole Foods were unimpressive. Lori Greiner wasn't interested. Mark Cuban worried that "the profit margins will not expand at a rate that will allow him to see a return on his investment," making him out. Barbara Corcoran warned that the grocery industry is tough, so she was out. Guest shark Rohan Oza had a problem with their valuation but was willing to make a counteroffer of $1.25 million for a 20% share of the company.  After much volleying back and forth, both sides agreed to a deal of $1.25 million for a 15% stake.

With the valued financial input and immense wisdom of a shark, the Reamers were equipped to focus on some important aspects of their company including what products should be their focus, how to better ensure quality control, and what their priorities should become. Could this company produce one of the best foods we've seen on Shark Tank?

Jackson's now focuses on sweet potato chips

After securing its "Shark Tank" deal, the company made major changes, including rebranding the company name to simply "Jackson's," redesigning the chip bags, and switching its production to a full range of sweet potato chips, bidding farewell to white potato and corn chips. The company even built its own manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. The new facility is a game-changer, producing 110 bags of chips every minute, which is quite an improvement from their original setup. "When we made our first 60 bags for [Colorado grocery store] Mountain Earth, it took us two weeks," Scott Reamer told Crested Butte News.

While Jackson's still carries the sweet potato chips with coconut oil that started it all, the rest of its chips are made with avocado oil. Along with Carolina BBQ and Spicy Salsa Verde, the company recently added the flavors Farmhouse Ranch and Habanero Nacho to its lineup.

Jackson's popularity and availability are soaring. When Bon Appétit saw the Reamer's appearance on "Shark Tank," it had to try them. The verdict? "Pretty damn good," and they "smell and taste like fresh potatoes." The product line is now available at many locations, including Amazon, Whole Foods, Sam's Club, and directly from Jackson's online store.

Simple ingredients is the key to Jackson's success

In 2021 Scott and Megan Reamer and their kids moved back to Crested Butte, Colorado, and also launched a new program called Everyday Superheroes. The program is their way to celebrate and inspire children who are doing positive things, whether they're helping train a puppy, like Van, or fighting cancer, like Cayden. "Jackson is the inspiration," Scott told Crested Butte News. "Jackson suffered every day of his life in so many ways. It robbed him of laughing and sleeping well and pain-free days. Things we all take for granted. There is a quiet but profound heroism in that." The kids get a Jackson's T-shirt along with a Supersnack Snackpack, and often get a shout-out on the brand's social media.

Jackson's Chips has proven to be very popular with consumers, ranking at #15 on Amazon's Best Sellers in the Potato Chips & Crisps category. Megan told The Kara Goldin Show that she hears positive comments from buyers of its products thanks to its simple and clean ingredients. "So [customers] are really reading the labels, they're reading the ingredients," she said. "They're finding that, even though there are a lot of options out there, only certain products line up with where their focus is." For many customers, it seems Jackson's is exactly the type of snack they're looking for.

Jackson's encourages customers to suggest new flavors

Jackson's is doing everything it can to increase its visibility. In April 2023, Jackson's added Andy Malloy as the president of sales and marketing, Dan Wilfand as the director of natural channel sales, and Todd Tolis as the director of alternative channel sales. The company's annual revenue is estimated to be $10 million. Jackson's announced on July 13, 2023 that its chips can now be found at Aldi, and revealed on July 27 that the chips are also available at Yoke's Fresh Market in Washington. Since the beginning of the year, it has also announced its availability in Kroger, Sprouts, Costco, and other locations.

The company is extremely active social media, with over 27,000 followers on Instagram and over 15,000 fans on Facebook. On July 18 Jackson's announced on its blog that the company is developing kettle-cooked Apple Cider Vinegar potato chips, and the limited offering will be available in September. Jackson's also regularly posts recipes, giveaways, and surveys on its Instagram page, with the most recent survey asking fans which flavors they'd like to see in the future.

Jackson's has continued to thrive long after its adventure on "Shark Tank," clearly showing that a home-based business can evolve into a multi-million dollar company. And thankfully, Jackson Reamer's legacy lives on.