Is Subway Getting Rid Of A Fan-Favorite Bread?

Whether it's a Big Mac with fries from McDonald's, a classic crunchy taco with hot sauce from Taco Bell, or an iconic chicken sandwich with waffle fries from Chick-fil-A, every fast food place has those menu items that they are most known for, and a majority of us love to order. However, due to inflation and supply chain issues, it's only a matter of time before restaurants begin to discontinue some customers' favorite items.

For example, Chick-fil-A got rid of its oatmeal, Asian salad, coleslaw, cinnamon cluster, and the classic chicken salad sandwich (via Chick-fil-A). Taco Bell retired its Double Decker taco, verde salsa, seafood salad, Bell Beefer, and Black Jack taco, per Greatist. According to So Yummy!, McDonald's waved goodbye to its onion nuggets, fish McBites, the Arch Deluxe, and hot mustard sauce. Believe it or not, Subway may be saying farewell to one of its most popular bread options.

There seems to be a shortage of the herb topping

One Subway employee posted on Reddit's forum r/Subway about their store getting rid of two store favorites — the chicken breast and Italian herb and cheese bread. They wrote, "Okay, so I work at [S]ubway in California, and my manager told me we're discontinuing Italian herb & cheese bread. Is this happening to anyone else's stores also? I think it's so dumb to discontinue two of the most liked things from [S]ubway. It's just going downhill now." There is no need to panic because it looks like just a supply issue, which a few Redditors pointed out.

One user wrote, "The Italian herb and cheese bread is not discontinued. However, there's currently a supply chain shortage of the Parmesan oregano bread topping going around all across the country. Which they expect is only temporary, not permanent." Another commenter reaffirmed the news and revealed that while Italian herb and cheese bread was safe, the chicken breast was indeed saying goodbye. They said, "There's a weird gap in the herb and cheese production. But yes. Chicken breast is being discontinued."

Others were glad the popular bread wasn't discontinued, as they thought this would lose Subway a lot of loyal customers. They said, "If they get rid of the Italian herb and cheese bread, we'll have a lot of customers quit eating [S]ubway. Because that's how popular that bread is," and "I'm thankful that it seems like [Italian] herb & cheese hasn't been discontinued though! It's the only bread I like, and [S]ubway (for my order) is on the cheaper side of food I get out." Subway hasn't made an official announcement on the supply issue or the discontinuation of its chicken breast, but let's hope it's one of the Subway favorites that makes its way back