The Dunkin' Secret Menu Item That's Turning Heads On Reddit

If you frequent coffee shops regularly, you probably have a go-to order that rarely changes. You may have sampled a number of different options off the menu before finding your perfect match. But what if there's an unknown drink, not located anywhere on the menu, that could become your new favorite if you had the opportunity to taste it? These hidden items typically take up shop on a restaurant's "secret menu." According to On The Line, these menus are made to build intrigue and are often inspired by customers. As patrons make their own customized creations, they start spreading via word of mouth, and, before you know it, that new mash-up becomes a part of the secret menu.

Dunkin', for example, has a secret menu of its own. The Nutella Surprise, which contains a shot of hazelnut and two swirls of mocha with an iced or hot coffee base, appears to be a popular choice, per Junk Food Blog. If you are not feeling coffee though, you can always order a Captain Crunch Coolatta, which is basically a Strawberry Coolatta but now with shots of blueberry, raspberry, and cream. Another hidden item was introduced on Reddit, and it is definitely turning some heads among Coolatta fans.

Commenters say that it tastes like a creamsicle

In August 2022, a Reddit user posted a photo of a Dunkin' beverage they discovered — a Mango Pineapple Coolatta with Cold Foam. Another Redditor also claimed knowledge of it soon after. "Somebody ordered this at my Dunkin's yesterday. I thought 'that's weird, but, ok I've got to try this.' It's really good. I got orange creamsicle vibes," they commented. Speaking of creamsicles, a Dunkin' employee confessed to making a similar-tasting drink: "My coworkers and I have a creamsicle drink. It's a mango refresher with coconut milk, vanilla shots, and sweet foam."

As expected, someone asked how to make the Mango Pineapple Coolatta. The original poster shared, "Fill mango pineapple concentrate up to the '1' line and then fill to about an inch under the top with Coolatta mix. Top with cold foam." If you're interested in ordering the best Dunkin' secret menu items and are unsure about where to start, familiarize yourself with the variety of flavors on the Dunkin' website, and go from there with your experimentation.