What We Know About Crumbl Cookies' New Podcast

Since its launch in 2017, Crumbl Cookies has amassed over 400 locations that generating an average of $1.7 million in sales and $350,00 in net profit (via Restaurant Business). The brand's social media presence has been largely responsible for its expansion, with fans taking to platforms such as TikTok to post weekly reviews of Crumbl's newest releases. 

The brand's rotating menu, which introduces four to five new flavors every week, definitely sets it apart from its competition (via Crumbl Cookies). Both fans and the company's leadership have taken advantage of this aspect, with TikTok users such as @_breannabrooks doing a live reaction to the brand's weekly releases and the food chain promoting its new flavors on its TikTok page.

Now, the company is expanding to another medium — a podcast. "The Crumbl Mumbl" already has its first episode out on all streaming services, "Crumblers" may be wondering what to expect from the new venture.

The podcast will attract fans and budding entrepreneurs

On September 6, Crumbl Cookies announced on its Instagram and TikTok accounts that it just released its new podcast, the Crumbl Mumbl. The podcast is hosted by Anna Tibbetts. It will discuss the cookie brand's business and the process of making new cookies. It will feature interviews with people who work for the company, store owners, Crumbl's founders, influencers, and other special guests. Three episodes will be released each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It is clear that aside from creating delicious treats  – and some interesting ones like Crumbl Cookies' everything bagel cookie flavor – the brand is already the subject of lots of entrepreneurial interest. The founders have grown the company significantly since it opened five years ago near Utah State University's campus (via Crumbl Cookies). It had a net income of over $22 million in 2021, a tenfold increase from 2020 (via Vetted Biz). There is no doubt that this podcast will be of interest to anyone who wants to get started in the food industry, or simply wants to learn more about Crumbl's recipe curation.

Crumbl enthusiasts don't need to wait any longer to play the first episode. The podcast has already dropped on all streaming services with a 40-second introduction to the series available for listening.