TikTok Is Divided Over Crumbl Cookies' Everything Bagel Flavor

If you haven't heard of Crumbl Cookies, you could be missing out on the biggest dessert trend of 2022, depending on who you ask. According to its website, Crumbl has been around since 2017, but the cookie company's sales exploded between 2020 and 2021. Nation's Restaurant News named it the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States in 2021, with a year-over-year sales increase of 93%.

Crumbl's concept differs from that of most traditional bakeries in one major way: there are new flavors every week. With the exception of the classic chocolate chip cookie, which always remains an option, every flavor comes and goes over a one-week period. This might be what keeps people coming back for more.

While many of the flavors receive a ton of love, this week, one cookie is in the spotlight for causing some drama; TikTok users are torn between whether Crumbl's everything bagel cookie is delicious or disgusting.

TikTok is torn between loving or hating Crumbl's everything bagel cookie

Sweet and savory is a pairing as old as time, but not everyone is convinced that savory flavors belong in the popular cookie company's flavor rotation. TikTok user @nicoleaxelrod posted a video of herself throwing the everything bagel cookie in the garbage. The voiceover was a Wendy Williams clip, where she says, "Girl, no." Plenty of fans agreed with her actions, noting in the comments that they were not fans of the savory cookie, either. "What were they thinking[?]," one user wrote, with someone else adding they were "so disappointed" with the cookie's flavor. "Yeah a salty cookie? Not for me," someone else commented.

However, there were plenty of people who were quick to disagree with throwing it in the trash. "If you like everything bagels and cookies, it slaps!" one person commented. "I loved this cookie ... But I'm also a huge everything bagel & cream cheese fan," another user wrote.

The TikToker's comments section was littered with people saying they either loved it or hated it. Others took shots at Crumbl's weekly flavors as a whole, with one person saying this week's offerings were "sad" and another saying the TikTok represents their feelings on "all the flavors this week." Crumbl creates variety on purpose to draw customers in; plus, with four or five new flavors per week (or roughly 250 different cookies per year, via Crumbl Cookie Flavors), it makes sense that some flavors might be bigger hits than others.