The Best Piece Of Advice Guy Fieri Gave Top Chef Winner Brooke Williamson - Exclusive

Talented chef Brooke Williamson is no stranger to competition cooking shows — she's been on everything from "Top Chef" to "Tournament of Champions." While promoting the new Ziploc Endurables, she told Mashed in an exclusive interview that she's always been ambitious when it comes to cooking. "I'm a naturally competitive person," Williamson admitted. "I enjoy the thrill of putting yourself in that unpredictable place."

The restaurateur has done an impressive job while on these types of series, winning multiple times. Her cuisine has been a big hit among judges, which she describes as California-inspired and heavily influenced by fresh produce. "I currently have a front yard garden, and I let the seasons dictate what I cook," she explained. "I find that starting with produce, and thinking that way first, leads you down a naturally deliciously healthy way of eating because you can take ingredients and not have to manipulate them into things that they aren't."

However, when the tables were turned and she was asked to be in the judge's seat on "Guy's Grocery Games," it was a foreign position for her at first. Thankfully, Guy Fieri gave her vital advice that she still takes with her today.

Thoughtful feedback can be invaluable for cooking contestants

When it comes to television food experience, Guy Fieri has plenty of knowledge to pull from. As the host of multiple shows — including "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" — he's been in the game for decades. Brooke Williamson explained that when she was a judge for the first time on "Guy's Grocery Games," Fieri recommended that she slow down with her feedback to contestants and be really thoughtful about her commentary.

"As much as I always thought that I had done so, judging in the past, there's something to be said about slowing down," she revealed. "The people who you're judging — I've been in their shoes, and they're pouring their heart out in a very uncomfortable situation to present something of their craft to you."

The "Top Chef" winner knows exactly how that feels and how hard it can be to be judged in front of so many people. "They deserve nothing less than for their critique to be thoughtful and well thought out," Williamson said. "There's something really wonderful about someone who has seen what you've done and is taking the time to let you know that they understand it and why you've done what you've done."

To learn more about Ziploc Endurables, you can visit Ziploc's website. The Food Network's "Bobby's Triple Threat" premieres on Tuesday, September 27.