Burger King Is Launching New Buns, But There's A Catch

When it comes to constructing the perfect hamburger, there's no denying that the patty is the star. All juicy and beefy, this tempting circle (or square if you're at Wendy's) of meat is what makes a burger a "burger." Even the world's most devoted carnivore has to admit, however, that the finest beef patty would be next to nothing without its other sandwich components. After all, your favorite condiments and other fixings definitely enhance your burger's flavor. Where would a Big Mac be without its trademark sauce? But there is one burger building block that is often overlooked, even though it's what holds the whole thing together — the bun. 

Thankfully, while much of the rest of the world is discussing the merits of mustard vs. ketchup, there are people talking about hamburger buns. For instance, when one Redditor asked r/fastfood "Who's got the best buns/bread in fast food?," the most popular response was Arby's onion buns. Serious Eats' Burger Lab conducted a study and determined that problematic Martin's Potato Rolls were the best, with Sunbeam's and Arnold's offerings tying for a close second. When Delish conducted their own taste test, they crowned Pepperidge Farm as the best classic burger bun, Martin's as the top potato-based version, and Arnold's as the preferred sesame seed variety.

Just when you thought you had your personal favorite pinned down, Burger King welcomes a new bun to town — and it's bound to whet a few appetites.

Burger King's new everything bun is about to begin limited testing

Burger King is ushering in a new "everything" bun. If you're a fan of the everything bagel, you're likely grinning like the Cheshire cat right now. But you may want to rein in that big smile as there is a catch. The Takeout reveals that this new burger bun will begin testing solely in "Huntsville, Alabama and Albuquerque, New Mexico" starting September 12. If all goes well and the people of these two communities embrace this new offering, it may just head to your neighborhood Burger King, too. Fingers crossed. 

What exactly is this bun? TheStreet says it is "a toasted brioche bun topped with everything seasoning." And, in case you're not sure what the "everything" flavor tends to include, everything bagel seasoning typically consists of seeds like poppy, sesame, and caraway, the requisite dehydrated onion, and some garlic. Available on the Everything Whopper, Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and the Everything Breakfast Sandwich (per ChewBoom), tempted taste buds will be able to satisfy their hankerings in three very different ways. In these cases, it's perfectly acceptable to be a little greedy and ask for "everything."