The Strange Request Tom Cruise Once Made To Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood has made a name for himself as a popular celebrity baker. However, before his fame, the talented baker was working at the London-based Dorchester Hotel, where he had a serendipitous encounter with Tom Cruise. Throughout his years as a "Great British Bake Off" judge, Hollywood has become a celebrity himself and met many famous people, including the American football player who Hollywood considers his favorite celebrity "Bake Off" guest.

The action star recently revived his '80s hit and jumped back into the role of the title character for "Top Gun: Maverick," which became the sixth highest-grossing film of all time (via CNBC). Cruise has kept in shape for almost four decades since the premiere of the original "Top Gun," and food has a lot to do with his routine. According to Men's Health, Cruise has been keeping in shape recently with an incredibly restrictive Beckham-devised diet. We're guessing the actor wasn't on this strict diet during his stay in London when he made a special request for Hollywood's baked goods.

Hollywood's brush with a Hollywood star

Paul Hollywood's time working at the Dorchester Hotel as a baker was before the would-be celebrity chef and judge joined "GBBO" in 2010. Hollywood told The Mirror that Cruise came into the swanky hotel and requested their popular item, blueberry muffins with pumpkin which, unfortunately, they had run out of that particular day. When a room service employee came down to the kitchen and told Hollywood that they needed 12 muffins to go, the baker's immediate reaction was to say no because it wasn't time to make a fresh batch yet. However, when the employee informed Hollywood that they were for Tom Cruise, he told The Mirror his response was, "right lads, we've got to make some — we need to get these out." Cruise was one of Hollywood's first celebrity clients.

While being a baker was not Hollywood's first career choice, he has risen through the ranks and not only serves his bakes to celebrities but has become one in his own right. He's even had his fair share of tabloid-worthy controversies and scandals (via HuffPost).