Naveena Vijayan

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Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Postgraduate Diploma In Journalism, Asian College Of Journalism, India
Celebrity Profiles, Supermarket History, Indian Cuisine
  • Naveena is a freelance features writer for Mashed.
  • She has eight years of experience as a journalist writing food reviews, covering food trends, and profiling chefs. She worked for national publications in India, before moving to the States and joining the Mashed team.
  • Her interviews with top celebrity chefs including Curtis Stone and Vikas Khanna have been published in The Hindu, a top print and online magazine in India.


Naveena has worked as a journalist covering a plethora of topics including food, art and culture, travel and technology. As a reporter and sub-editor in national daily publications, she understands the power of good storytelling and the integrity involved in drafting a piece through research. Having written hundreds of published articles to date — a majority of them exploring food ingredients, restaurants, and chef profiles — she understands the ways of crafting a story that's easy to consume for readers. She joined the Mashed team as a freelance features writer in 2020, and currently also contributes news stories and recipe stories for the company's website.


Naveena has a bachelor's in Engineering, and a postgraduate diploma in journalism from Asian College of Journalism, a top journalism school in India.
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