Reddit Is Over The Moon Thinking About Fall Shopping At Trader Joe's

Although most stores bring in their own little bits of autumn as the season nears, some take it to a whole new level. For instance, Michaels, Target, and Pottery Barn are among the best stores to find spooktastic fall decor (via Insider). However, when it comes to fall-themed snacks, you might consider visiting Walmart, Aldi, or Trader Joe's. 

Per the Walmart website, some of the top fall foods are pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts and pumpkin cheesecake cookies, in addition to pumpkin spice products like coffee, creamer, and various baking mixes. As for Aldi, fall finds include all things pumpkin, but also treats like apple pie, apple cider donuts, and all the caramel you could possibly want.

But what about Trader Joe's fall offerings? Sure, you could peruse the Trader Joe's website, but to save you some time, Reddit users have come together to share their favorite fall products from the popular grocer; there is some really exciting stuff on the list.

What fun fall foods can you find at Trader Joe's this year?

As is the case in the summer, one Reddit user remarked on how they were "dying for the best season at Trader Joe's," which is, of course, fall. They went on to say that they love Trader Joe's pumpkin bagels before asking what everyone else's favorite fall treats are.

Many fellow Trader Joe's shoppers commented that they enjoy the Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce, with some going as far as to say this sauce is "the one item [they] hoard, and [they're] not gonna apologize." Others expressed excitement over butternut squash mac n' cheese, pumpkin ice cream, cornbread crisps, and maple butter, which is deemed by many to be a "fall staple." Still, several recommended Trader Joe's pumpkin samosas, pumpkin oat milk, and pumpkin brioche.

Even if you are not a fan of pumpkin –- and that's totally okay! -– there are still plenty of other snacks from which to choose. Other Reddit favorites included Trader Joe's stuffing-flavored potato chips, maple coffee, fruit and nut crisps, cinnamon bun spread, and Everything but the Leftovers seasonal Everything seasoning. In other words, there is something for everyone.