The Real Story Behind Creamalicious' Second-Highest Selling Ice Cream Flavor - Exclusive

There's always room for ice cream — at least, for people with a massive sweet tooth. Ice cream season is officially on its way out, but that doesn't mean the grind ever stops for ice cream businesses. Creamalicious is one of those ice cream brands, as its owner, Executive Chef Liz Rogers, told Mashed about its new and upcoming portfolio. The minority and female-led brand opened just one year ago, allowing pastry and ice cream lovers to get the best of both worlds by combining the two.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Rogers divulged on her success thus far, including the highest-selling flavor. Creamalicious' flavor portfolio includes caramel pound cake, banana pudding, red velvet cheesecake, pecan pie, peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, and more. The artisan brand has everyone's mouths watering, especially since many of these ice creams are inspired by Rogers' home recipes. Although there is an option for sweet and savory in every pint, there are two aforementioned flavors that stand above the rest, according to Creamalicious' customers.

The best selling flavor is Slap Yo' Momma Banana Pudding, but what's the second?

Executive Chef Liz Rogers revealed to Mashed that Creamalicious' top-selling flavor is the Slap Yo' Momma Banana Pudding. The banana ice cream is infused with banana pudding, banana puree, and homemade vanilla shortbread cookies, per the company's website. Despite this flavor sounding absolutely delicious, Rogers explained that there is an interesting history behind its second-best seller, Aunt Poonie's Caramel Pound Cake. She said, "The interesting story behind Aunt Poonie is she baked all of her pound cakes in a cast iron skillet."

Aunt Poonie was Rogers' godmother, who passed along the iron skillet through generations. Rogers explained, "When she passed away, it was passed down to her daughters. This cast iron skillet is about 120 years old. It's in the family, so it has all this history and all the cornbread and pancakes and hot water bread and pound cakes." The business owner described the skillet as "seasoned," which allows the baked goods to keep a lot of the flavor. Rogers mentioned the abundance of stories behind "the skillet that this actual pound cake was baked in."

What makes Creamalicious so special is the Southern history where all of these recipes came from, with Rogers naming her favorite comfort food as peach cobbler. Creamalicious' ice cream version is "very culinary-inspired more for foodies," she said, so it's no wonder that the brand is a hit across the U.S. That banana pudding ice cream will make an appearance at our next family gathering!

Check out Creamalicious' Instagram Page to keep up with its latest products, and head to Creamalicious' website to buy your own pints.