The Beloved Fritos Flavor That's Making A Return This Fall

Fall is almost here, and it's always a big season for food lovers. Many new cookbooks are released every fall (via Robb Report), shaping culinary trends for much of the year. It seems like everyone spends months of the summer debating when various pumpkin spice coffees will be returning, and lots of brands come out with new flavors to mark the change in seasons.

This year alone, there have been several fall food announcements that have folks excited. There's a new seasonal Jeni's ice cream flavor people will want at the Thanksgiving table for sure, and some people are already reading up on how to keep their sweet potato casserole from getting too sweet. But for some, this might all happen way too early in the year. People who bask in the warmer months may feel that summer is something to draw out for as long as possible. Those summer-lovers might be happy to hear a new Frito-Lay fall food announcement about a returning corn chip flavor that some might say tastes like the season.

Bar-B-Q is back

According to Today, fans of summer barbecues and snacking have something to look forward to even as the weather starts to cool off. That's because Frito-Lay is bringing back its Bar-B-Q flavor, which was discontinued in 2018. Even though people might not actually be firing up the grill as much when the flavor is brought back on September 19 (July is the most popular month for grilling, according to a 2017 Statista survey), it could help keep that barbecue flavor at the top of their minds and the tips of their tongues as the seasons change.

In years past, this fan-favorite Fritos flavor has been rebooted as a summer seasonal item, but this time, it's for good. That will be happy news for the more than 32,000 people who signed a petition asking the brand to bring the flavor back and also to some social media followers. In response to the brand tweeting, "Which Fritos dip are you bringing to the BBQ?" in July 2022, one person angrily commented, "Don't tweet about BBQ unless it's because you're bringing back BBQ Fritos." Perhaps Frito-Lay can rest easier now knowing that based on this customer's rule, it is allowed to tweet about BBQ once again.