The Seasonal Jeni's Flavor You'll Want At The Thanksgiving Table

It's only a matter of days and fall will officially be here. While bidding summer a final farewell is always a sad occasion, there is much to be celebrated about autumn. Whether you most appreciate the season's palette of reds, yellows, and golds, the crunching of fallen leaves beneath your footsteps, or the cooler weather and requisite layering of flannels and fleece, fall is a special time of the year. After all, it's the season of Thanksgiving. 

What do you most enjoy about fall? According to a OnePoll study, 51% of Americans most look forward to the leaves adopting their autumn colors, 45% enjoy the cooler weather, and 44% embrace the drinking of cocoa (via Study Finds). People magazine reveals that this survey also showed 56% are most happy during the season and 33% call it their "favorite time of the year." A YouGov survey yielded similar results with the largest percentage (29%) saying they most preferred autumn. It's hard not to be happy when the family-centric, food-laden Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner. 

And Jeni's Ice Cream has the perfect way to incorporate a hint of summer into your autumnal feast. Sure, you may have to stow away your sandals and shorts, but you don't have to give up ice cream. After all, some flavors simply scream out "fall" and "Thanksgiving," especially this newest offering from the folks at Jeni's. 

Jeni's calls this 'the cure for pumpkin spice fatigue'

So what does fall and, by extension, Thanksgiving taste like to the people at Jeni's? Why, it tastes like their beloved seasonal Pumpkin Cake Roll ice cream, of course. And, if your taste buds are already growing weary of pumpkin spice, Jeni's website calls this the "cure for pumpkin spice everything palate fatigue." What sets this offering apart from the rest? The pumpkin ice cream is tempered by ice cream that tastes like cream cheese frosting. Throw in brown sugar and Jeni's blend of warm spices including, "cinnamon, fennel, star anise, white pepper, and ginger" and you have a unique-although-pumpkin-flavored treat.

Chewboom reveals that this ice cream has no "synthetic pumpkin flavoring" and, instead, uses real pumpkins. So what does it taste like? YouTube ice cream-taster, Ice Cream Scoops, confesses that she isn't a fan of pumpkin, but that the pumpkin part of the ice cream tastes exactly like the real thing. When you eat the pumpkin and cream cheese swirls together, she stated, "Something magical happens" and "the subtle cream cheese flavor balances out the pumpkin flavor." If you've grown tired of traditional Thanksgiving desserts, you may wish to swap out your pumpkin pie for a tub of Jeni's seasonal pumpkin cake roll ice cream. It's rumored to be magical.