The Crispy Aldi Treat Reddit Is Absolutely Roasting

Rice Krispies Treats belong in the pantheon of beloved childhood snack items. Baking them at home is quick and easy, requiring just cereal, butter, and marshmallows in their most basic form. But if you ever need a refresher, Kellogg's, the parent company of Rice Krispies cereal, has the original Rice Krispies Treats recipe posted on their website.

Many additions have been made over the years to Rice Krispies Treats, whether coating them with a layer of chocolate or going festive with a Christmas Rice Krispies Treats recipe and incorporating red and green M&Ms into the mix to celebrate the spirit of the holidays. One recipe even combines the best of two nostalgia-inducing confection worlds in a S'mores Rice Krispies Treat mashup (per the New York Times).

The sustained success of Rice Krispies Treats has spawned plenty of imitators that have introduced their own brands or twists on the sweetened crisped rice bars. Supermarket chain Aldi sells a gluten-free version of the gooey treat that Reddit is absolutely roasting like s'mores over a campfire.

Nothing sweet about this Aldi treat

A Redditor shared an image of Aldi's Millville gluten-free Crispy Rice Treats to r/aldi posting what they accurately anticipated would be an unpopular opinion: that "they're SUPERIOR to the regular rice krispy treats" which they described as "awfully sweet, very tiny, and super artificial tasting." They inquired if anyone agreed with their assertion.

Most reactions were blunt and to the point. One commenter stated simply, "My family gave these a hard pass," while another opined, "Very not good." Then there was the user who characterized the flavor profile of Aldi's Crispy Rice Treats as tasting "like cardboard." While one contributor went a step further, describing them as "Trash. As in, I'm pretty sure they made those from random trash. Offensively bad." Equally harsh, one Redditor dubbed them the "worst knock off rice krispie treats ever."

Other users offered suggestions for homemade alternatives, with one recommending, "It's sooo simple to make your own! I've never bought these, but the Aldi's marshmallows and Rice krispies dupe cereal taste great together." Similarly, someone advised an important touch they feel elevates homemade Rice Krispie Treats: "Add a pinch of salt when you are melting the marshmallows–it really makes a difference." Salt & Baker concurs and recommends adding brown butter for a deeper, nuttier flavor.

There are a lot of different ways to eat Rice Krispies Treats, but remember that the best kind is the one that you enjoy eating the most, regardless of what the haters say.