The Aldi Fried Apples That Took Over Fall Last Year Are Back

Though the first day of fall is officially the Autumnal equinox, the spirit of fall arrives when pumpkin spice starts to appear in everything from lattes to ramen and the stores begin stocking the goods people need for comfort food during the colder months. As the supermarket shelves begin shedding the light fare of summer, savvy social media shoppers are celebrating the return of their favorite fall foods.

Aldi's subreddit is already getting overrun with people posting pictures of treats that are making their return to the grocery store. One fan of savory spotted the Buffalo Style Chicken Blue Cheese dip which caused them to cry tears of joy — if the headline of their post can be believed. Another one saw a maple butter display and had to ask Redditors whether it was "worth the price," which many claimed it certainly was.

Another item that is causing feelings to happen as people scour the aisles while the leaves begin to turn is the Sweet Harvest brand fried apples. Previously they've been used by bakers who want a pie or turnover, but aren't keen on doing all the apple peeling, cutting, and seasoning themselves. These apples are only going to be back for a few months, and if social media is to be believed, they're not going to stay in stock for long.

Reddit offers cooking tips for using fried apples in a variety of ways

One user posted that the Sweet Harvest Fried Apples were "baaack," in this Reddit thread, and the response has been immediate and intense. People have been piling on with suggestions of precisely how these can best be deployed for maximum gustatory satisfaction. "Those remind me of the fried apples at cracker barrel. I bet they would be amazing over oatmeal," said one commenter. Another claimed, "I use as pancake/waffle topping. It's amazing!"

In addition to simply dumping the apples over the top of breakfast foods, one person set off a huge discussion when they presented a quick recipe designed to thrill the taste buds. "I pan fry up flour tortillas in butter with some sugar in it, and fold them up like enchiladas with the apples as the stuffing," they said. Another thoughtful cook made a recommendation to, "try rolling them up in Aldi crescent roll dough and brushing the top with butter and sprinkling with cinnamon/ brown sugar."

Though most expressed love and adoration for the fried fruits, not everyone was on board. One doubter was "wondering why you wouldn't just cook apples," while another asked "How the heck is this fat free when it's fried[?]" which prompted a helpful responder to explain, "Fried apples are sometimes also referred to as stewed apples." Whatever you call them, the point is that fall is here, and it's time to bake away.