The Unfortunate Conclusion To The Subway 'Poop Sandwich' Debacle

There are few things more nightmarish than opening your food and finding something that doesn't belong. However, that's exactly what happened recently to a customer at a Subway in Lansing, Michigan, according to a TikTok video. In the past week, the user posted a video claiming her sandwich had feces smeared on its wrapper. Though she thought she smelt something strange in her car, she attributed it to sewage in the parking lot. However when she arrived home, the smell didn't dissipate. "We're not sure if it's dog or if it's human [feces]. The police took a swab of it," she said in the video.

Disturbingly, this isn't the first time feces has been found in fast-food establishments. According to CNBC, fecal bacteria was found in beverages at McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King — all at U.K. locations. Of the three, the most significant amount was found in Burger King and KFC. Since the TikTok video went viral, the news of a feces-smeared Subway wrapper has spread across the internet. After several days, a Subway spokesperson has finally released information about the reported incident.

The swab was never tested

Almost a week after a TikTok user said she found what appeared to be feces in her Subway sandwich wrapper, the company has issued a statement. Per Lansing State Journal, a Subway spokesperson shared that the Ingham County Health Department believed the substance was actually chocolate from a cookie. However, the health department said it came to that conclusion after a conversation with the store's owner, rather than an actual swab test — and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like one will be conducted anytime soon. "No further action from the health department is being taken at this time," a spokesperson from the health department said. 

This isn't to say due diligence wasn't done — footage from the incident was inspected and showed an employee eating a cookie before making the sandwich, according to the health department's report (via Lansing State Journal).

In a more recent TikTok video, the same user revealed that she went to a doctor after eating the sandwich and was prescribed anti-nausea medicine. It's also clear that the comments section still doesn't believe the substance was chocolate. "There's no way you can mistaken actual feces for anything else like seriously? How r they gonna say that's chocolate? What happened to the swab?" one comment read. It seems that without a swab test, many people won't be buying the chocolate excuse.