Insomnia Cookies Collabed With Sour Patch Kids And Instagram Is Unsure

Just as cupcakes had their moment when the original "Sex and the City" was in its heyday and made Magnolia Bakery cupcakes famous — spawning a boom of cupcake bakeries across the country (per AMNY), it seems like cookies are having a bit of a moment too. Sure, fan-favorite cookie chain Mrs. Fields has been a sweet spot to stop at in malls for years, but these days, customers have more options. 

There's Crumbl Cookies, a chain started in 2017 that now has more than 200 locations. Then there's another mall staple, Great American Cookies. Last but not least, there's Insomnia Cookies. The brand was initially started by a college student who thought it would be great to be able to get freshly baked cookies delivered late at night while cramming for a test or writing a paper. From there, the company was born and now has more than 150 locations. And from the look of its latest creation that has left Instagram in a tizzy, it's still keeping that late-night snacker student top of mind when dreaming up new flavors.

This cookie is sweet and sour

Every year, Insomnia Cookies hosts what it calls its "PJ Party," a day when customers can wear pajamas to the store and get a free cookie in return (via Triangle on the Cheap). This year the party falls on Tuesday, September 20 and to sweeten the deal, Insomnia is debuting a new flavor — but some customers have already soured on the combination. The cookie chain's new flavor is the Deluxe Filled Ft. Sour Patch Kids cookie; a sugar cookie filled with a "gooey raspberry Sour Patch Kids center topped with Sour Patch Kids Bitz" that will be available from September 20 to 25 (per Instagram).

Some Instagram users were excited about the cookie reveal. "I need," shared one hungry commenter, while another person said, "I'm not sure how far they deliver but that would be awesome!" And hey, candy and cookies isn't anything new. Take this recipe for M&Ms cookies, for instance. However, not everyone is sold on the collab. "The cookie nobody asked for," shared one cynic. "Now y'all just making anything," replied another person. It seems like customers' response to Insomnia's Sour Patch Kids cookie is just like the flavor itself — sweet and sour.