The Fall Ice Cream That's Coming Back To Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's ongoing dispute over its sales in Israel continues to broaden the political divide between the ice cream brand's independent board and its parent company (per BBC). But if you put that aside, the Vermont-based dessert purveyor still has an image that leans into the goofy, gleefully indulgent side of life — the side that might invite a group of friends over simply to sit on the floor and tuck into a pint of Cherry Garcia.

Proof of the brand's penchant for fun can be found in its flavors, many of which seem like they were inspired by dessert concoctions that can only be thought up in the wee hours of the morning. (We're thinking specifically of Half Baked, Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core, and Chance the Rapper's signature Ben & Jerry's flavor, Mint Chocolate Chance.) As fall approaches, Ben & Jerry's is bringing back a fan favorite that puts its signature razzle-dazzle on a classic season flavor.

Pumpkin Cheesecake returns

A base of rich pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is swirled with ribbons of graham cracker in Ben & Jerry's returning Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor, which is officially back in freezers and scoops shops for a limited time. The seasonal flavor was first introduced in 2007, according to the brand, and its consistent rotation in the fall lineup is evidence of its popularity. Developed by "Flavor Guru" Eric Fredette, the flavor stands out with fresh pumpkin. "We're not big on simply pumpkin spicing our way to serious flavor, so we stick with the real deal, " says the brand.

The company hasn't made the announcement official on social media as of this writing, but if last year's fan response on Facebook is any indicator, some ice cream lovers will welcome back the harvest-y treat with open arms. While some lamented the lack of a dairy-free or vegan version, others heaped on praise. "This is my absolute favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor in the world," reads a comment from 2021. "I literally wait all year for this flavor to come back."