Giada De Laurentiis' Orange Dessert Is Too Much For Instagram To Handle

It's no secret Giada De Laurentiis enjoys la dolce vita, which translates to "the sweet life" (via the Food Network website). In an interview with Randall Kaplan of the podcast "In Search of Excellence," the Italian-American chef said, "Originally, I went to [culinary school in] Paris because I wanted to be a pastry chef. I love desserts, I love sugar." Apparently, she loved the sweet stuff enough that De Laurentiis baked chocolate chip cookies for her own wedding guests (via First We Feast).

The chef with the "big sweet tooth" calls chocolate her "go-to" treat, as told to The Kitchn. De Laurentiis uses citrus in her desserts, too. Namely, oranges. In Season 2, Episode 7 of "Everyday Italian," she pairs oranges with zeppole (from Cooking Channel). And that's not all. She has infused a variety of other sweets with the flavor of oranges, including popcorn bars, cake, and "dreamy" orange mousse, per her Giadzy website.

The Food Network star is back with another citrusy confection, but the orange dessert is apparently too much for some Instagram users to handle.

The secret is in the oil

Giada De Laurentiis took to Instagram to post a video recipe for orange olive oil cake. The expanded recipe found on Giadzy is described as "light and airy ... like a warm breeze on the cliffs in Sorrento," and is getting quite the range of reactions from Instagram. Its key ingredient of "extra virgin olive oil infused with orange peels," left one follower with some doubt. "Well guess I won't be making this," said the reluctant Instagrammer. Maybe they'll reconsider if they know infused olive oil is a great way to introduce "another element of flavor to your baked goods" and can be made by simmering orange peels in oil, according to the Baking Journal via Facebook.

Instagrammer hillgirlsmomma had a completely different take on the dish, saying, "I don't have a big sweet tooth but LOVE citrus and almonds so... YAY for this!!" User jeffmeck7 exclaimed, "Wow! This truly looks so amazingly delicious!" Some would rather entrust the recipe to someone else like user lrcushy, who pleaded with a friend, "Can you make this for me?" Another Instagram poster, adelalerma, tagged a fellow user and "volunteer[ed] to taste test" as a compromise.

Oranges tend to thrive in warmer climates (via WebMD). So, wherever you fit it in this discussion, maybe the recipe would be a good way to help use up oranges.