Krispy Kreme Just Dropped The Fall Collection Of Your Dreams

Krispy Kreme's fall menu items will have more than pumpkin spice in the mix. Though the beloved flavor of fall does make an appearance in the chain's new Autumn's Orchard Collection that was just launched today, a number of other fit-for-fall flavors are also included. According to a press release published on Business Wire, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme Dave Skena explained, "Fall brings a bounty of apples and pecans and flavors of maple and pumpkin spice ... Our new Autumn's Orchard Collection has all of that and more."

Included in Krispy Kreme's fall lineup is a handmade apple fritter made with cinnamon and pieces of apple and topped with glaze. When Krispy Kreme posted the announcement of the fall drop on Instagram, followers especially swooned over its apple fritters. Responses ranged from desirous, such as "I need them Apple Fritters" to determined, like "I WILL be there for the fritters!" and even defeated, with "I LOVE APPLE FRITTERS! Whew child... Krispy Kreme, y'all are breaking me down."

Of course, it wouldn't be very Krispy Kreme-like if doughnuts weren't also included in the chain's limited-time collection.

Krispy Kreme's apt-for-autumn doughnuts are also available now

Though the apple fritter may arguably be the star of Krispy Kreme's fall collection, fans also have some seasonal doughnuts to choose from. According to a press release published on Business Wire, the brand introduced a new Maple Pecan Cheesecake doughnut filled with cheesecake-flavored filling and topped with pecan pieces and maple-flavored icing. There's also a Spiced Apple-Filled doughnut making an appearance, which has a cinnamon sugar coating and an apple cider filling. The Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut, which we already tested for you — it's a tough job, but someone has to do it — is also in the lineup.

There's a little something meant to help people get into the fall spirit even if someone isn't a (gasp) fan of pumpkin or apple flavors. The Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut is part of the collection. It is an original glazed doughnut topped with salted caramel brownie batter frosting, caramel, brownie bits, and leaf-shaped sprinkles. According to Krispy Kreme's Instagram post, the Autumn's Orchard Collection will be available through October 9. As all Krispy Kreme diehards already know, when the hot light is on, customers are getting 'em fresh — at least when it comes to Original Glazed flavor. Just don't expect everything you've heard about that Krispy Kreme light to be true, and know that management decides the time that specialty doughnuts are prepared, according to Reader's Digest.