How To Get Free Queso From Moe's Today

Each year on September 20, cheese dip steals the show as Americans celebrate National Queso Day. According to Merazone, chiles verdes con queso was a dish centered around chilis rather than cheese, but the focus shifted when Tex-Mex was invented. The smooth, processed cheese queso dip we know today may have been born at the Original Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, per Eater, and became especially popular after the invention of Velveeta. 

In order to celebrate the holiday, Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants often have deals. According to QSR, Pancheros Mexican Grill will provide customers free queso when they order an entree through the Pancheros app. The reward can be redeemed through September 23 for those who are still feeling cheesy in a few days. Another establishment joining in on the celebration is Moe's Southwest Grill. However, instead of solely doling out free queso, the chain is offering ways to integrate cheese sauce into your everyday life.

Queso can be celebrated any day for some Moe's customers

To celebrate National Queso Day on September 20, Moe's Southwest Grill will be offering a free side of queso to each customer in stores or online through the website or Moes Rewards app, reads a company press release. Those ordering online must purchase an entree through Moe Rewards and opt for queso on the side, while those visiting in person can request the cheesy dip alone.

But you don't have to wait until September every year for the joy queso brings. Moe's is giving three Rewards members a limited-edition container to transport queso in style (and secret). Dubbed the Queso Incognito, this container is designed to look like a speaker, thus eliminating judgment or people hoping to share. Winners of the sweepstakes will also be gifted a card for unlimited "liquid gold" through the end of the year.

If you'd rather not hide your love for queso, you can also purchase cheese-themed merchandise through Moe's website. Some new additions were added just in time for September 20, such as a shirt that has "live, laugh, love," swapped out for "queso, queso, queso."