Ree Drummond's Honest Anniversary Tribute Has Instagram Rolling

Although we know Ree Drummond best as The Pioneer Woman, she's really so much more than a cookbook author and television personality. In addition to being a talented home cook, she's also a loving wife, supportive mother, and all-around hilarious person.

Just how hilarious? Well, Drummond recently dyed her hair purely so it would perfectly match the colors of her son's football team. Earlier this year, she poked fun at her 'lack of professionalism,' as she was filming her cooking show from home during the pandemic. Per Southern Living, her daughters acted as her camera crew — and let's be real, they did an amazing job. Despite the chaos, "The Pioneer Woman" has been renewed again and again, now on its 31st season.

Drummond's honesty once again had Instagram rolling on the floor laughing when she posted about her wedding anniversary. She shared two photos, one from her wedding day 26 years ago, and one from the present. Needless to say, her caption was what truly made this sentimental post comedy gold. 

The Pioneer Woman is celebrating her anniversary in an unconventional way

To Instagram's shock and amusement, Ree Drummond kept it real in her post about her 26th wedding anniversary. Alongside two pictures of Drummond with her husband Ladd, she wrote, "26 years ago I was about to get pregnant with our first child. Today, I'm about to get a colonoscopy. I love you, Ladd!"

Naturally, a few of her fans were mortified, posting skull emojis, but everyone seemed to take her post in good humor. One person commented, "Caption of the year," while someone else wrote, "This is the content America needs today." Still others made jokes about colonoscopy "naps" and the graham crackers they ate afterwards.

Others wished Drummond luck and congratulated her. One person said, "Nothing says I love you more than taking care of yourself. Shows you just want to be around for many more anniversaries." Considering everything the couple has been through — including Ladd breaking his neck in a 2021 farm accident — this is surely nothing but another story to laugh about later.