How Ree Drummond Says Her Husband Is Doing 1 Year After Breaking His Neck

In March 2021, Ree Drummond posted on her website, The Pioneer Woman, to share about her husband's accident. According to her post, her husband Ladd was fighting a fire with their nephew when their trucks ran into each other.

Ladd was able to walk around immediately after the accident, but still drove himself to the hospital to be checked out. As it turns out, Ladd had broken his neck in not one, but two places. Ree Drummond called the injury "very close to being catastrophic." Fortunately for the Drummond family, Ladd recovered nicely following surgery. He was still able to attend his daughter's wedding, albeit wearing a neck brace.

Now, a year after the accident, Ree posted an update on Ladd's condition for concerned fans. Spinal injuries (and their subsequent recovery period) are no laughing matter, but thankfully the Pioneer Woman had all good news to share this time around.

Nothing can keep this cowboy off his horse

Ree Drummond started her latest post on The Pioneer Woman website by thanking everyone for their "care and concern" for her husband Ladd following the accident. "It's tough for anyone to have a broken neck and recover from cervical spine surgery," she said. "It's possibly even tougher on men of the agriculture ilk, who never admit they're in pain and whose daily lives revolve around getting out there and tackling whatever physical task their job demands. So it was pretty tough on Ladd in those first weeks."

According to Ree, Ladd was driving his pickup truck around the ranch within four days of his surgery, and riding his horse within just a couple weeks. Today, he's doing great. "He's lifting weights," Ree says. "He's riding his horse. He's feeding cattle and doing all the work on the ranch he always did." With the burning season approaching, we can only hope ranchers stay safe out there.