If You Ever See A Mayo Bath At A Subway, Here's Why

Although weird things happen at all restaurants from time to time, Subway seems to have more than its fair share of strange occurrences. As you might expect, a lot of these have to do with customers making strange requests for their sandwiches.

One outrageous Subway order left an employee horrified after a girl ordered a sub containing nothing but ridiculous amounts of cheese and ranch. No meat, no veggies; just cheese and ranch. Sorry, but that's really weird. A Reddit user recounted a similarly strange tale, describing a man who came in and ordered a plain pizza crust topped with cherry tomatoes. The real kicker? He ate the tomatoes and then threw out the pizza crust.

However, not all of the weird occurrences at Subway involve customers. As any culinary employee past or present will know, behind the scenes of a restaurant is often pretty wild. Another Redditor recently posted about bathing mayo, and there's no denying that's pretty darn weird.

Why are Subway employees bathing bags of mayo?

Without any context, a Subway Reddit post saying "Don't forget to bathe your mayo" is kinda strange. The picture doesn't get any less weird if the post is accompanied by a photo of bags of mayo floating around in an industrial sink. Honestly, the photo might just make things even more confusing.

But, unlike the weird interactions with customers, the "mayo bath" actually has an explanation. According to a comment written by the same Subway worker, "Two packets of mayo split open in the box. It goes everywhere, so we have to wash the remaining packets. This is actually a very common and super annoying occurrence."

In addition to being confused and a little weirded out, other Redditors weren't too keen on the idea of bathing mayo. One person commented, "I've seen a lot of gross [stuff] in restaurants, but I hate plain mayo so this one is grossing me out." Nothing will ever quite compare to the gross thing one Subway employee did with food in the bathroom, but this certainly deserves an honorable mention.