Lindsay Lohan Answered Burning Questions About Food

If you're a Lindsay Lohan fan you're probably wondering where she's been for the last 15 years. While you may often reminisce about the days of "Freaky Friday" and her epic appearance on "Mean Girls," the once buzzworthy teenage celebrity has taken a backseat in the public eye after being center stage for so many years. As it turns out, she's now an adult and has some keen opinions about food.

Lohan has come a long way since her 2006 interview with Vanity Fair where she discussed the pressures she felt while receiving continued scrutiny from the general public. In 2008, Lohan fans got a glimpse of what the young actress often ate during her busy days on set (via The Guardian). In her past life, Lohan opted for fresh fruit smoothies, lunch plates full of dark leafy vegetables, and sashimi.

More than a decade later in 2020, Lohan recalled her favorite family dish of spaghetti and meatballs along with her taste for sea urchins on an episode of "Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast" (per YouTube). While her grown-up persona is much milder than her rebellious teenage days, Lohan can still spit truth about her favorite foods. In her latest podcast episode from "The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan" the celebrity chats with her sister Aliana about their favorite snacks and fast food restaurants.

Lohan loves Starbucks and can't decide between Popeyes or KFC

Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram back in April to announce her new podcast stating, "I want the Lohdown to be a place where you can get to know me, the 100% authentic me." Over the last 6 months, Lohan has hosted 12 episodes with the first delving right into her fiance's family heritage and its connection to her love for Middle Eastern food (via The National).

In Lohan's latest episode, the celebrity interviewed her sister Aliana Lohan about emerging music career. Apart from also dishing on life and family memories, toward the end of the episode, the sisters decide to play "This or That" regarding their food favorites. When Lohan asked her sister "McDonald's or Taco Bell," Aliana replied McDonald's but Lohan couldn't decide. Lohan also refused to choose between KFC or Popeyes, but admitted she preferred KFC's coleslaw and chicken but mashed potatoes and gravy from Popeyes.

Both sisters also chose Starbucks over Dunkin', claiming the iced green tea lemonade was their go-to drink. For favorite snacks, they both love wasabi peas and Lohan admits going right to the prepared food aisle when grocery shopping so she can satiate her hunger before picking up her weekly food. When Lohan announced the episode in anĀ Instagram post, fans went wild with one commenting, "best podcast." For Lohan fans, the longtime celebrity is living up to her promise of showcasing her true self.