Publix Is Helping Hurricane Preppers Ease Their Anxiety

Hurricane Ian is expected to hit Florida early on September 29, 2022. With the likelihood of "catastrophic wind damage" many Floridians are prepping for disaster (via National Hurricane Center). Even if you're not in the zone where you need to board up your windows, running around to five grocery stores for bottled water and batteries for your flashligh is sure to increase your anxiety. However, one Southern grocery chain is offering a respite to those panicked about Hurricane Ian.

For starters, Florida storm-preppers can head to their local Publix to pick up everything they need as Hurricane Ian makes landfall, provided they don't live in an evacuation zone. For a brief refresher, according to the CDC, that's at least one gallon of water per person per day, and food that needs minimal cooking or refrigeration, like canned tuna or canned vegetables. And, don't try to use a camp stove or grill inside as the CDC warns of dangerous smoke inhalation.

In addition, you may also be able to pick up a sweet treat. If you head to the bakery section you may find what has become known as the "hurricane cake."

A hurricane tradition at Publix

Twitter user @lovetherussels posted a picture of the well-stocked water aisle of a Florida Keys Publix. But, that isn't the only thing Publix is doing to ease anxiety over the Category 4 storm. Bakeries in the supermarket chain have been producing tongue-in-cheek hurricane cakes. That's right, hurricane cakes.

Live5News meteorologist Bill Walsh tweeted a display table full of the colorful cakes on September 27, stating, "Meanwhile down at the @Publix in Florida... hurricane cakes!" Preppers looking for a pick-me-up can head over to their local Publix, but may need to call ahead if you plan to venture out in the storm, because these tongue-in-cheek treats could sell out quickly. And, while Publix launched a 15-minute delivery, you won't find it everywhere and you may not find it during the storm at all.

Ian is just the most recent iteration of this Publix tradition, which has previously seen elaborately decorated cakes for Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and Hurricane Irma in 2017 bearing messages like "Go Away Irma" and "Weather It Out" (per Tampa Bay Times). And, many people are glad of the tradition, including one posting on Twitter ahead of Hurricane Dorain in 2019, "I love your cakes! All your bakeries are awesome. And Hurricane Cakes are funny. Times are stressful, people need to lighten up."

However, some shoppers felt the cakes, were insensitive. One Tweeter said, "Hurricane Ian could bring a level of destruction that many Southwest Florida residents may have never experienced, says @nyt. But people in Florida are busy buying hurricane cakes!"