The Subway Sandwich Prank That Left TikTok Terrified

Pranks can be an enormous source of fun when they're done well. For example, a Trader Joe's prank had TikTok screaming when an employee offered to put a customer's milk into their bag, and then proceeded to open the milk jug and pour it straight into the sack with a gentle grin. The joke was silly, harmless, and amusing, albeit a waste of milk. However, it's easy for a prank to go awry. Consider, for example, if anyone else but a relative had pulled an egg prank on Gordon Ramsay, spraying water in his face and smashing an egg on his head before fleeing the scene. Pranks are a tightrope that can be hilarious when walked correctly, but when executed poorly, they can lead to a disastrous ending.

Pranksters have used Subway sandwich shops to help craft their jokes before. TikTok user Jimmy Darts once ordered a gross sauce-only sandwich, which he then tried to eat, much to his disgust. Yahoo! once reported on two chaps who thought it would be entertaining to request that their sandwich be toasted into a blackened mess, which actually delighted the employee. But now, TikTokers are taking the pranks home with them, using Subway sandwiches to pester their significant others.

The smile that scared the internet

TikTok creator Alisha Gibbs has a very curious style to her videos. First and foremost, one of her greatest joys seems to be cooking for her partner. On her channel are videos of her making him ham and cheese turnovers, as well as a roast chicken dinner. On occasion, she also gets food from restaurants, then tries to convince him she made it from scratch. This is what led to a video of her offering him a Subway sandwich, which caused TikTok to react with horror.

The thing to know about Gibbs is that when she makes a video, she doesn't stop looking at the camera, and she wears an unblinking Cheshire grin on her face the entire time. Even though all she does in the Subway video is unwrap a sandwich and put it on a plate, her harlequin leer has caused a serious reaction. "If smiling could kill I'd be dead," said one commenter. "You can blink yk," suggested another. One more called the video "the most uncomfortable minute of my life."

While the prank isn't truly a prank, as there's a dearth of wacky hijinks, having Gibbs gaze at you may cause a metaphysical crisis, according to one user. "She's literally staring into my soul," warned a commenter who hopefully managed to escape the experience unharmed.