Giada De Laurentiis' Trendy Pasta-Turned-Pizza Is Igniting Taste Buds

Pasta and pizza: two iconic Italian-born dishes that have made their way onto restaurant menus and into home kitchens for generations. For a number of reasons, they are often considered among the top favorite foods in the world, according to TasteAtlas and YouGov. The recipes for these classic creations can range from minimalistic to over-the-top, but regardless of the final product, they are undoubtedly delicious staples of Italian cooking.

As both are starchy vehicles for sauce, there's a lot of potential crossover between the two and when the legendary fares are combined, something just short of magic happens. Chef Giada De Laurentiis recently served a mouthwateringly appetizing pizza inspired by a mega-popular pasta, and folks are eating it all up — literally. Hint: The pasta in question is known for its effortlessly luscious sauce, and was Anthony Bourdain's ideal meal. He even dubbed it "the greatest thing in the history of the world" on an episode of "No Reservations."

Giada's cacio e pepe pizza has fans drooling

Giada De Laurentiis certainly knows a thing or two about Italian food. She was born in Rome, after all! Many of her recipes pay homage to her heritage, and while she tends to stick to traditional ingredients and methods, she definitely isn't shy when it comes to introducing her audiences to new and exciting eats.

Cacio e pepe — which translates to "cheese and pepper" in Italian — is a super simple dish with a perfectly creamy, subtly spicy sauce that has captured the hearts of pasta eaters around the world. Nonetheless, De Laurentiis decided to leverage the creativity of fellow chef Stefano Callegari and whip up a cacio e pepe pizza! She shared a photo of the pasta-turned-pizza on Instagram, much to fans' delight. One user commented, "Carbs that taste like other carbs, yes pls!" Another chimed in, "My favorite dish! And it's now a pizza version?! Can't wait to try this!!"

To make the delectable cacio e pepe 'za, you'll need freshly grated Pecorino Romano and Parmesan cheeses, black pepper, pizza dough, flour, and olive oil, according to Giadzy. Buon appetito!